Igloo – dream interpretation

A note in advance: instead of “iglo”, did you perhaps mean the “igloo” in which the Eskimos live?

The Iglo brand is well known to many children and parents with its fish fingers and the famous spinach with the “Blubb”. The company’s history goes back to 1939.

In 1960, the Unilever company brought frozen products onto the market under the current brand name, first in the Netherlands and a short time later in Germany. Today, the food manufacturer’s offering includes not only fish and vegetables, but also meat and complete ready meals. Since most people work outside the home, they like to use frozen food. You can buy them in advance and they are quick to prepare.

If someone dreams of preparing and eating a dish from Iglo, they probably have an appetite for the dish in question. If the dreamer actually doesn’t like frozen food, he probably doesn’t find the food in the dream that tempting.

The type of meal is crucial for dream interpretation, as is the dreamer’s attitude towards what he has to swallow.

Dream symbol “iglo” – the general interpretation

The relationship of the dream symbol “iglo” to cold and frost plays an important role in dream interpretation. Perhaps the dreamer sometimes perceives himself as something when dealing with others hypothermic. In the dream, the frozen food asks him to emphasize his qualities more and to be more warm-hearted.

In addition, the long shelf life of Iglo’s products can indicate in dream interpretation that the dreamer has a tendency to The hamster has. In real life, he may be afraid of losing things that are important to him.

On the other hand, the dream symbol “Igloo” can be a sign of procrastination and procrastination. The dream shows the dreamer that he is accumulating unfinished problems instead of tackling them. This creates a real supply Care for. If you dream that frozen food is being thawed by Iglo, the dream symbol in dream interpretation can be a signal that the dreamer has decided to overcome his difficulties.

Dream symbol “iglo” – the psychological interpretation

Eating food is an essential basic need and a life-sustaining drive. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Igloo” can indicate that the dreamer is neglecting certain mental needs or suppressing parts of his personality. This happens in a dream Demand for closeness, security or eroticism in the form of an igloo meal.

When it comes to dream interpretation, it plays a big role how the dreamer reacts to the dream symbol “Igloo”. If he eats the dish with pleasure in the dream, it reflects sexual desire. If you feel disgust at the sight of food, the dream symbol “Igloo” in dream interpretation can be an indication of a disturbed relationship with sexuality.

When interpreting the dream symbol “Igloo”, the type of food can also be informative. A fish dish refers to the emotional side of the dream. It is the food of fasting and modesty, but also of fertility. There may be an “iglo” behind the dream symbol Desire to have children.

If the dream is about meat, the dream interpretation reflects the longing for carnal pleasures. Vegetables can indicate attitudes towards femininity, especially towards mothers. The dreamer probably associates the dream symbol “Igloo” with satisfaction and health.

Dream symbol “iglo” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “iglo” stands for spiritual nourishment; the associated coldness can indicate its loss. The food has to thaw so that it can be used by the dreamer spiritual energy can be available.

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