Ibis – dream interpretation

The ibis, also known as the ibis, is a bird with a long and curved beak that lives primarily near water. This is precisely where it finds its food, such as aquatic insects, small crabs or insect larvae.

But ibises can also be found in drier areas. These species have detached their food from water and adapted it to their environment. They then usually feed on grasshoppers, beetles or even spiders, which they can track down with their beaks in rock crevices.

In appearance, the ibis somewhat resembles a stork, although its strongly curved beak is its most striking feature. In addition to white specimens, the plumage of ibises can also be brown, black or even red.

If you dreamed of the “Ibis” hotel chain, you should rather use the dream symbols “hotel” or “accommodation” for the interpretation.

Dream symbol “Ibis” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream of an ibis primarily as a sign of determination as well as longing. Most of the time, the dreamer should become aware that he wants to realize his wishes and hopes in the waking world and that he is sticking to them resolutely.

In addition, the bird with a curved beak as a dream image can indicate that the person concerned will soon have to deal with a certain matter Support is received. If you see several ibis birds in connection with water while sleeping, this can illustrate that you may need to say goodbye to some longings in your life. Because these are unlikely to be implemented.

If the ibis looks for food in the mud in a dream, this can reflect the dreamer’s desire for food Solution in a situation that has become deadlocked. However, if the bird sticks its beak into the cracks of a rock to catch insects, the dreamer should usually become aware that with a certain persistence he can overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

A flying ibis can generally be viewed as a dream image to represent the desire independence and symbolize freedom. The dreamer may be striving for more independence in his life or he may have just achieved this state. However, anyone who sees a dead ibis in their dream is often shown to be feeling restricted in their waking life. A change in living conditions might therefore be advisable.

Dream symbol “Ibis” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the dream image “ibis” embodies one in many cases Message from the unconscious. A realization may emerge into the consciousness of the person affected that he or she should deal with more closely in reality. What this is about can usually be deduced from the current living conditions.

If you see an ibis on the banks of a lake or river in a dream, this can often mean you inner conflict refer. The dreamer may find it difficult to decide between his emotional side and his mind-controlled side.

Catching an ibis, perhaps in a trap, can be a dream symbol that indicates that the dreamer wants to maintain control over something specific in his life. If the sleeper kills such a bird in his dream, he usually does not want to deal more closely with psychological content that he has previously successfully pushed aside.

Dream symbol “Ibis” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “ibis” can appear as a bird in the dream state of mind of the dreamer, especially to the longings there.

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