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The hug, this physical gesture of close connection, is usually associated with something positive. We hug our loved ones, children are hugged and caressed by their parents. It has been proven that newborns cannot survive without physical contact and touch. We seek a hug for comfort, or we want to hug the whole world because we are happy and would like to share that happiness. We also hug animals when we feel connected to them.

On the other hand, we find being hugged by people we don’t like annoying or unpleasant. If a hug appears to you in a dream, it is therefore important to pay attention to who is hugging you and how you feel afterwards.

In the following article you will find out everything you need to know about interpreting the dream symbol “hug” in order to be able to interpret your dream comprehensively. First we start with a very common situation experienced during sleep: the hug and tender kiss.

Dream symbol “hug” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Hug with a kiss: Now the dream will be intimate!

In dream analysis, a hug with a kiss expresses physical closeness and spiritual exchange. On the one hand, this can express the longing for tenderness and security, but on the other hand, the tender gesture of hug and kiss reflects the fear of giving up freedom and the feeling of being restricted.

If the dreamer hugs a person of the opposite sex in the dream and gives away his heart with the hug, he could soon meet someone in reality who will mean a lot to him. If the hugging partner is of the same gender, the dream situation warns against feigned friendliness.

Hugging and crying, an emotional dream experience

A particularly emotional dream can be expressed in the dream symbol “hug and cry”. The dreamer has the need to share his own pain and sadness with others. This results in a liberation from bad feelings and thoughts in the dream world, which also has a positive effect in the waking world.

Screaming and crying in wild hysteria in a dream may seem irritating at first, but it symbolizes happiness and a peaceful and calm phase in life.

Dream symbol “hug” – the general interpretation

This dream symbol can refer to both familiar ones Vicinity or the desire for it, as well as the opposite. In a hug we experience protection or Trost, recognition and tenderness. We feel safe and secure.

If you hug a loved one in a dream and perhaps even cuddle with them, this indicates your need for closeness. If the person being hugged or hugged is not that close, it may be an indication that you have more feelings for him or her than you think.

Wanting to embrace the whole world symbolizes an overly open-hearted approach to one’s surroundings; caution is advised here. In mythical stories, death or a premonition of death is symbolized by the “embrace of death”. Being hugged by death in a dream can be a reference to your own Health be that should be given more attention, or it is important to increase one’s courage and joy in life again and to free oneself from this corrosive embrace.

If you hug people you don’t like or are hugged by you in a dream, this indicates one warning Hint: Beware of being deceived by others, of false friends or of fraud in business matters. Seeing a hug also indicates future deception. On the other hand, anyone who observes a couple in love longs for that same closeness.

If you hug a tame pet and cuddle with a dog, cat or rabbit, this dream refers to a person whom the dreamer likes to take care of. This can be your partner, but also a parent or grandparent in need of care.

If it is a wild animal, such as a large tiger, a lion or a wolf, whose fur we stroke, then the dreamer has no fear of contact with people he doesn’t know. However, there is also a certain naivety associated with this, according to which the dreamer does not believe others have evil intentions – that is deceptive!

If you cuddle with a wild animal in a dream, especially predators, you should be careful and not blindly trust everyone.

Anyone who feels comfortable and secure after being hugged or waking up will probably have their wish for closeness fulfilled in their waking life too. On the other hand, anyone who wakes up with an unpleasant feeling should be careful not to allow themselves to sink into the sad feeling of lack, but instead Self love and self-acceptance work.

Dream symbol “hug” – the psychological interpretation

In Sigmund Freud’s interpretation of dreams, a hug in a dream expresses the desire sexual union out of. However, this is not the only possible interpretation of the dream symbol. The longing for closeness and recognition does not only have to refer to other people. You may be missing this encouragement because you don’t give it enough to yourself.

In the dream, you unconsciously point out to yourself that your Self love is neglected and you should change something about your relationship with your own personality.

Other people who play a role in the dream hug can also represent aspects of their own personalities or a character trait symbolize, that is, a part of you that craves your tender attention.

Dream symbol “hug” – the spiritual interpretation

The connection between the longing for closeness and self-love also plays a role in spiritual interpretation. On the one hand, you may be hugging someone in your dream who is close to you on a spiritual level, with whom you are going through a relationship invisible band are connected.

On the other hand, the Self love an important factor for closeness to other people: Anyone who loves themselves and is at peace with themselves can give tenderness to someone else without experiencing a lack themselves. Those who recognize themselves can give honest recognition to others. The search for closeness and comfort should begin within ourselves.

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