Hourglass – dream interpretation

In many fairy tales or stories, the hourglass shows the inexorable passage of time. Or it is made clear to the hero that he only has a certain amount of time to complete a task.

But does the hourglass also have this function in a dream? Should we realize that we only have a limited amount of time? Or is there another meaning behind it? How does the dream interpretation interpret the hourglass in a dream?

Dream symbol “hourglass” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “hourglass” primarily symbolizes transience. The dream should make him aware through his dream that he is wasting his time on things that bring him nothing or that are of no use to him. In this way, he will not progress in his life and will not achieve the goals he has set for himself.

Normally, time is not perceived in a dream. If the dreamer sees an hourglass in the dream, he becomes aware of the measurement of time in his dream. According to the general interpretation of dreams, this is intended to show him that his actions are also measured in the waking world.

Since the hourglass is viewed as an outdated timepiece, it can also be used as a dream symbol old-fashioned attitude of the dreaming at the time. Or the dream hourglass shows the dreamer his unfashionable way of dealing with time.

If the dreamer observes such a clock in his dream, he must focus on it separation hire from a loved one. This person may even die in the waking world. Sometimes this dream situation can also indicate an impending illness in the dreaming person. With the dream symbol “hourglass” the dreamer should realize that he cannot stop all these developments. He will have to accept his fate in the waking world and make the best of it.

Dream symbol “hourglass” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the hourglass is used as a dream symbol as an indication of the Time understood in a particular matter. This disappears irretrievably, which keeps the dreamer very busy in the waking world. Time passes far too quickly for him. He would rather capture the moment and not let it pass. What comes tomorrow has little meaning for him.

In some cases, the dream of an hourglass should also make the dreamer aware that he is under a lot of stress in his waking life. Because then you perceive time very clearly and may have the feeling that you don’t have enough time for anything.

Dream symbol “hourglass” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation usually interprets the dream symbol “hourglass” as a symbol for Tod. Behind this dream symbol there can also be a reference to time, which passes unstoppably, or to the virtue of moderation.

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