Hose – dream interpretation

A hose serves as a conduit for liquid or gaseous substances. Unlike a pipe, a hose is flexible and often consists of a rubber connection. The hose does not remain in a fixed shape, but can be bent or rolled up when not in use.

Hose - dream interpretation

In everyday life, many people use a garden hose for irrigation. Firefighters attach hoses to a water hydrant on the street when a fire breaks out; Significantly more water flows from a fire hydrant than from an ordinary household faucet.

However, if a hose appears as a symbol in our dreams, the connections can vary greatly. Perhaps in the dream situation you also water the garden with a water hose. You may also see the fire department extinguishing a fire using hoses and fire pumps. In still other cases, the image of the tube can also appear in a medical context, for example when a person is supplied with medication through tubes.

The interpretation of the dream symbol “hose” always depends on such circumstances.

Dream symbol “hose” – the general interpretation

Basically, the symbol “hose” is considered a symbol in general dream analysis Adaptability and Further development. The dreamer becomes more mature. He is going through a positive change. Especially if the dream situation involves a water hose, it is generally believed that this also involves an internal one cleaning along. You detach yourself from negative and stressful parts of everyday life.

In addition, a hose can often be seen as a dream image concentration to represent a specific thing. The general interpretation of dreams assumes that the person affected is aware of their responsibilities in life. He is conscientious and focused on his affairs. In this context, a garden hose in particular underlines the dedication and care that the dreamer puts into his projects and tasks.

A dream in which you see a fire hose, however, symbolizes a bigger problem. When dreaming of this symbol, the dreamer has to overcome a challenge. According to the general interpretation of dreams, it is important to be careful not to lose control.

If the tube appears in the dream in a medical context, this can Fear of loss find expression. Occasionally the dream symbol “hose” also refers to the need to pay more attention to yourself and your loved ones.

Dream symbol “hose” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream image “hose” as a symbol for oneself Exchange of feelings. The sensations that accompany the dream situation show what emotions the sleeper carries within themselves and how well their interaction works.

If a liquid or gas flows out of the dreamed hose, this can also symbolize the expression of one’s own feelings. Perhaps the dreamer is now ready to share his feelings with other people and to talk about them.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a hose is sometimes also understood as Sexual Symbol In these cases, the longing for sexual satisfaction is expressed in the image of the hose. This is especially true when the symbol appears in men’s dreams.

Dream symbol “hose” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual approach to dream interpretation, the “hose” symbol is interpreted as a symbol of exchange and flow spiritual energies.

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