Hood – dream interpretation

A hood is primarily a headgear that covers both the neck and the face and is closed under the chin. Based on this definition, hoods are also considered hoods.

Hoods can be worn by women, men and even children. When it comes to the male form, one thinks primarily of the so-called balaclava or aviator hood. Women’s hoods, especially traditional costume hoods, are now usually closed with straps under the chin.

In the Middle Ages it was common for married women to wear a bonnet. Only unmarried people were allowed to leave their hair uncovered. The expression “getting under the hood” is also based on this custom.

Dream symbol “hood” – the general interpretation

Within traditional dream interpretation, the dream symbol “hood” primarily embodies the sleeper’s wish for an engagement or wedding. This meaning can also be an aspect in more modern dream analysis. However, such dream content is often referred to as one warning understood before slander.

According to general dream analysis, if older people dream of a hood, this can promise a quiet and contented existence in waking life. If a man watches a woman tying her bonnet in a dream, he may overexercise himself unexpected luck be happy. In addition, his friends will prove to be loyal and reliable. In a woman’s dream, a new hood as a dream image can refer to nice acquaintances and flirts.

Anyone who hides their hair under a bonnet, a hat or a cap in their dream wants to hide their full performance potential from others. Because the dreamer fears this will cause envy. The general dream interpretation interprets the putting on of a shower cap in a dream as an indication of the spiritual energies of the dreamer.

The color of the hood in the dream can also be important for the general interpretation. Therefore, the dream symbol “colors” should also be taken into account here in order to receive further information about the message of the dream. A black hood as a dream symbol can, for example, be one warning be understood in front of false friends. If the hood is white in the dream, this can symbolize the dreamer’s innocence.

Dream symbol “hood” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees the dream image of the hood primarily as a symbol of security and security. But belonging to a certain group in the waking world can also be hidden behind this dream.

Seen in the sense of a hat, the dream symbol “hood” can refer to the intentions and Opinions of the sleeping person. He may hide this from others in the waking world because he is ashamed of it. That’s why this aspect of dream interpretation is also accompanied by the request to be more courageous and to stand by your way of thinking.

If the hood is used as a protective mask while sleeping, for example at work, the dreamer should be aware that he is Innermost want to protect from other people. He is afraid of getting hurt and therefore doesn’t reveal everything about himself. If you put a hood over your face as a mask to protect yourself in a dream, you are trying not to show your true intentions openly in the waking world.

A hood or cap as a dream image can also be interpreted as part of clothing. Therefore, the dream symbol “clothes” and its interpretations can also be of interest in this context.

Dream symbol “hood” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream image of the hood can refer to one Limitation within the spiritual perspective of the dreaming. In the waking world he should think about what this limitation could be and deal with it.

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