Hedgehog 🦔 – dream interpretation

The hedgehog is a welcome guest when it comes to fighting pests in the garden. It is a peaceful and calm animal that is occasionally fed by humans, but is otherwise not very noticeable and tends to live in secret. Its habit of curling up when in danger is particularly characteristic. Once it has closed itself off, its spines protect it from its enemies.

Sometimes the hedgehog also appears as a dream image and often has a warning message for the dreamer. Exactly what function it has depends on the circumstances in the dream.

It may happen that you didn’t see a hedgehog in your dream, but rather a larger, similar-looking animal with a spiked coat: that would have been a porcupine. In this case, check out our article on the porcupine for the meaning of this dream image.

Anyone who was able to clearly recognize a hedgehog in their sleeping experience will find out below what the small mammal can mean as a dream animal:

Dream symbol “hedgehog” – The most common dreams about the symbol

What the hedgehog family stands for as a dream symbol

Perceiving a family bond while sleeping symbolizes the real desire for protection and security. If you dream of an entire family of hedgehogs, this warns you of being careless in your waking life. The dreamer feels safe with his loved ones and enjoys their closeness. This comfortable feeling can actually be dangerous. Especially if the person affected is too good-natured in reality. This may be why he is being taken advantage of by those around him.

Feeding the hedgehog in a dream, a cute spectacle!

Taking care of an animal while sleeping is an indication of a good nature and a pure soul. Since the hedgehog is considered a symbol of modesty, feeding a hedgehog in a dream heralds financial and professional success in reality. If the mammal is very trusting, the dreamer may lack social contacts in the waking world. A shy hedgehog warns against arrogance in real everyday life.

Ouch: “petting a hedgehog” as a dream symbol

If you dream of caressing the small prickly animal, it is a call for change. The dream draws the sleeper’s attention to the fact that he no longer needs the protective armor he has built up, i.e. his spines. It’s time to be open to those around you and come out from behind your own protective shell. If the person concerned holds on to the emotional wall, they are threatened with real isolation.

Yikes, a hedgehog without spines in a dream experience

The affected person feels defenseless against his environment in waking life if the insect-eater has no spines in his sleep. The dreamer is aware of a problematic situation, but he lacks the weapons to defend himself. The nudity of the otherwise prickly animal can be a sign that the sleeper is afraid to develop freely in his everyday life. He doesn’t want to make himself vulnerable.

When it comes to dream hedgehogs, size is crucial

The big hedgehog in the fear dream

If you transform your own fears and worries from reality into a monster at night, you should bravely face this dream monster. If the actually cute insect eater appears unnaturally large and threatening during the sleep experience, this is an indication of a personal weakness of the dreaming person. The inability to defend oneself against unfair treatment in reality has become overwhelming. The moment to act and free yourself has come!

A baby hedgehog – a dream image to be treated with caution

The dream of a newly born animal heralds a change in the person’s waking life. He is facing a real new start in which he has to bear great responsibility. In the dream, the little baby hedgehog serves as a warning not to approach the upcoming tasks blindly. Conscientiousness and reflection on one’s own strengths will bring the sleeper to the goal of his projects in reality.

Aggressive hedgehog in the dream world – Warning: prickly and dangerous!

Being chased by the hedgehog. What does the animal want from the dreamer?

Slander and false suspicions while awake could trigger a sleep experience in which the affected person feels rushed. If the small mammal pursues the dreamer, it is a symbol of envious people who are hot on the sleeper’s heels in real life. Now is the time to show your spines and stop being isolated!

Experiencing a hedgehog attack in a dream

Most of the time, aggressive animals in their sleep experience indicate problems while awake. Especially if you dream that more reserved creatures like the hedgehog are carrying out an attack, you should keep your eyes open in reality. People who are difficult to get along with hinder those affected and there is a risk of difficulties in everyday working life! The attack by the spiny animal is a sign that the dreamer is surrounded by unfavorable people in real life.

The hedgehog is dead, the dreamer is free

Anyone who dreams of killing the little prickly creature is by no means a cruel animal torturer. The hedgehog’s death symbolizes that the affected person was finally able to free themselves from an oppressive burden. While he was awake, he made a breakthrough and successfully prevailed against an opponent. Many negative circumstances in the sleeper’s real life soon dissolve into happiness.

A hedgehog in bed. The dream interpretation explains the tingling experience

Cuddling with an insect eater curled up in a ball may not be pleasant in reality, but as a dream symbol it is definitely a good sign. Finding animals in your dream bed generally indicates a pronounced sexuality. Love and passion are firmly anchored in the awake being of the person affected. However, the hedgehog in the dream experience is a warning not to fall gullible into adventures and other people, no matter how much you want to.

Dream symbol “hedgehog” – the general interpretation

If a hedgehog appears to the dreamer in their sleep, then it often serves as a hedgehog warning. It can be an indication that the dreamer is too careless in the waking world. He then doesn’t recognize any dangers and his good nature is exploited by his fellow human beings.

Sometimes the hedgehog also symbolizes jealousy and warns Envy. The dreamer is often too friendly and gullible in the waking world, so that he can become a victim. He is being exploited and should finally show his pricks to defend himself. This meaning is also the case if the dreamer sees a hedgehog catching a mouse while sleeping.

If the dreamer kills a hedgehog in his sleep, then this dream image symbolizes it personal liberation of negative circumstances or even victory over an opponent. If the dreamer is bitten by a hedgehog, modern dream research interprets this as a warning against slander.

Dream symbol “hedgehog” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the hedgehog symbolizes the sensitivity of the dreamer. He does not stand for aggressiveness and attack, as he only uses his spines to hurt those who really threaten him. Dreamers usually lack this defensive posture in the waking world. Therefore, the dream symbol hedgehog appears in his sleep to point this out to him.

Another dream interpretation sees the hedgehog as a sign of a contented but modest life. He also warns resentment, which can threaten this life. A hedgehog dream can also be an indication that the dreamer has become too isolated and withdrawn. Then the hedgehog in the dream world wants to ask him to open up more and take part in life.

If the hedgehog curls up in a dream, it shows that the dreamer has an urgent need in the waking world Quiet and needs a break from stressful everyday life.

Dream symbol “hedgehog” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the hedgehog is a symbol of both Stinginess as well as for Gaumenlust. Its spines also symbolize the Zorn.

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