Hawk – dream interpretation

The hawk, known in Latin as “Accipiter gentilis”, is a bird of prey, similar to the sparrowhawk, the falcon and the eagle owl. The hawk is often confused with the sparrowhawk because these two birds look very similar. However, the sparrowhawk is smaller than the hawk.

Hawk - dream interpretation

Hawks are rather shy forest birds. Most of the time they can only be observed during one of their hunting flights. In size, the hawk is more like a buzzard, although it has a stronger body and a long tail. Its wings are gray when fully grown, while its chest is light with black, thin horizontal stripes.

But what can it mean when the hawk swings through the air of our dream? You can find out what message it can bring as a dream symbol in the following article.

Dream symbol “hawk” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the sight of a hawk can occur in a dream infidelity warn in the immediate vicinity. It does not have to be an affair on the part of one’s own partner; rather, such dream content refers to people who want to deceive the person concerned. In addition, the dream symbol “hawk” can herald financial losses.

If you can drive away a hawk in your sleep, perhaps even from a chicken coop, you can usually get over it successes happy in the professional field. If you see a flying hawk in your dream, you may lose something important due to a theft in your waking life.

Catching a hawk can be seen as a dream image happy times entail. If you keep such a bird captive in a dream, perhaps in a bird cage, you may be exposed to the envy and resentment of other people in reality.

If the dreamer kills a hawk in his dream, he is generally viewed as the winner in waking life Conflict emerge. This can be a private as well as a professional dispute. Shooting such birds can indicate a competitive situation in which one will be successful.

As a dream image, a dead hawk can often indicate that you are talking about your enemies or rivals triumph becomes. Because they will eventually get caught up in their own intrigues, while you yourself will be successful.

Dream symbol “hawk” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the hawk in the dream as a Danger symbol. The dreamer should become aware that he is in danger from another person in the waking world or that someone wants to harm him.

As a bird of prey, the hawk can be surprising in dreams Loss stand. However, this is often a material setback rather than an emotional loss. A dream image of an attacking hawk can often indicate that an acquaintance is behaving hostilely towards the person concerned. He should therefore be careful.

If the attack of the hawk in the dream is reminiscent of the attack of an eagle, this can indicate the development of new ideas and refer to ideas. From a psychological point of view, the dreamer should implement these confidently and not keep them to themselves.

Dream symbol “hawk” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent perspective, the dream symbol “hawk” can help dreamers do more spiritual insight request. Because only when he has achieved this will he be able to develop his full strength for an independent life.

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