Harry Potter – dream interpretation

The author Joanne K. Rowling has created her own world of magic and sorcery with her books about Harry Potter. The success of these novels was so overwhelming that eight films were made from them.

Anyone who reads a book like this will meet good and evil magicians, strange creatures and places, loyal friends and of course the boy with the glasses and the scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead. Here normal people are called Muggles. They don’t even suspect that there is another world besides theirs.

But the ultimate evil, in the form of the evil magician Lord Voldemort, also threatens this world, which of course Harry and his friends want to prevent. After all, according to a prophecy, his fate is closely linked to that of the Dark Lord.

While the friends initially begin their training at the magic school Hogwarts, things in the background develop more and more towards the resurrection of evil. A number of dangers have to be overcome, puzzles solved and losses mourned until the final battle against Lord Voldemort and his followers finally comes.

As a fan of this world, you certainly wish you could be part of this cosmos. That’s why it’s hardly surprising if you dream of Harry Potter or other symbols of this world. However, if there is no specific reason for such a dream, this dream symbol can be interpreted in the following way…

Some dream situations from the Harry Potter world occur more often than others. We would first like to introduce you to the dreams that many dreamers report.

Dream symbol “Harry Potter” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The four houses of Hogwarts. Why am I dreaming about this?

Gryffindor, founded by Godric Gryffindor, as a dream image

This house and its members can have courage and courage in their sleep bravery The lion as a heraldic symbol usually represents strong soul energy, which the dreamer knows how to use. The colors of the house are red and gold, which indicate the positive passions of the person concerned. As a dream symbol, Godric Gryffindor’s sword often illustrates assertiveness and self-confidence.

The House of Hufflepuff and the founder Helga Hufflepuff in dream symbolism

The sight of this house can be seen in a dream Sense of justice as well as indicate the sleeper’s diligence. His heraldic animal, the badger, often embodies different aspects of his personality, which can sometimes turn out to be a weakness. The colors of the house, black and yellow, indicate that one should become aware of one’s own spiritual energy. Helga Hufflepuff’s cup often refers to an inner state of harmony in dreams.

Dreams of Ravenclaw and the founder Rowena Ravenclaw

Anyone who dreams of this house usually behaves the same way in waking life intelligent and awakened. The house’s heraldic animal is an eagle, which can be seen as a symbol of optimism. Bronze and blue are the colors of this house. They can refer to the calm character of the sleeper. Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem, as a dream image, can prompt you to come to terms with your own consciousness.

Evil: Slytherin & Founder Salazar Slytherin in my dreams

The Slytherins can be seen in their sleep as an expression of determination and determination ambition of the dreamer, which are usually accompanied by a certain ruthlessness or cunning. In many cases, the snake as a heraldic animal indicates the sexual needs of the sleeping person in dreams. The colors silver and green of the house can remind you to become aware of your feminine parts and to recognize them in reality. The founder’s medallion can usually be seen as the person’s longing for protection from possible dangers.

Dream symbol “Harry Potter” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets Harry Potter as a sign to the dreamer that he is through his skills is able to overcome great difficulties or considerable resistance. He should therefore continue to train these talents and use them in a targeted manner. In addition, such dream content can indicate the bravery and fighting spirit of the sleeping person.

If you see Harry Potter living in his sleep with his aunt and uncle, you should mostly be with your own life situation occupy. Because there seem to be certain discrepancies here. Anyone who sees Harry and his friends at a Quidditch game in a dream should think about their attitude to life and find the right path for themselves.

The following people can also appear in dreams in connection with Harry Potter:

  • his red-haired friend Ron Weasley: stands for good nature and friendliness
  • his girlfriend Hermione Granger: often symbolizes wisdom and intelligence
  • Ginny Weasley: often calls for more warmth, but also persistence
  • the twins Fred and George Weasley: can warn against too much frivolity or encourage people not to take life too seriously
  • Albus Dumbledore: represents wisdom and foresight
  • Severus Snape with black hair and clothing or cloak: often warns against the cunning and jealousy of others
  • Professor Minerva McGonagall: mostly exemplifies willpower and determination
  • the half-giant and gamekeeper Hagrid: often refers to strength and naturalness
  • Caretaker Argus Filch: you are surrounded by flattering and submissive people, but they will also prove to be devious
  • Moaning Myrtle, a female spirit: warns against believing rumors without checking them
  • Neville Longbottom: young Neville usually encourages people to work on their own shyness and absent-mindedness; as an adult, it can symbolize determined and courageous behavior
  • Seamus Finnigan: you can rely on loyal friends even in difficult times
  • Harry’s opponent Draco Malfoy: usually stands for arrogance and spite
  • Gregory Goyle: you should perhaps free yourself from a bad influence in your life and not be too submissive towards others.

Furthermore, according to general dream interpretation, a number of different animals can appear in a Harry Potter dream. Examples include Harry’s owl Hedwig, Ron’s rat Scabbers, Hagrid’s dog Fang or the large spider Aragog, who lives in the forest. For more animal symbols, feel free to use our search function at the top right!

Dream symbol “Harry Potter” – the psychological interpretation

When it comes to psychological interpretation, the focus is primarily on Harry Potter’s magical powers. Therefore, such dream content can be considered as one warning be understood. Dreamers should not overestimate themselves and their abilities in the waking world. It would also be appropriate to actively shape your life and not just react to developments.

The locations of the Harry Potter universe can also play an important role in the psychological interpretation of dreams:

The Hogwarts magic school, where Harry and his class are taught, can be seen as a dream image asking the dreamer to expand his knowledge and insights in the waking world. He should strive to be steady to develop further. The village of Hogsmeade, with its candy shop, inns and cafes, and train station, may reflect the sufferer’s longing for relaxation and a stress-free life.

If you enter Diagon Alley in a dream through the hidden entrance in a backyard and go shopping there, you usually wish for more in the real world Attention of his achievements. If the dreamer buys a magic wand or transacts financial transactions in the Gringotts Bank, he should probably deal with his previously repressed wishes.

The Azkaban prison, located on a rocky island, can be a dream symbol that warns you to deal with your current situation emotional state too busy. Because under certain circumstances the dreamer feels restricted or stressed too much.

Dream symbol “Harry Potter” – The spiritual interpretation

The magical, occult world of Harry Potter in dreams can be viewed from a spiritual perspective mysterious energy point out what surrounds the dreamer and which he cannot really grasp with his mind.

Anyone who uses a disappearance or teleportation spell longs for one free expression his spirituality.

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