Harpoon – dream interpretation

A harpoon is a javelin or javelin that is equipped with barbs. This is mainly used for fishing and whaling. The barbs on the harpoon are intended to prevent the animals impaled with it from slipping off the spear and thus getting lost.

Harpoons come in different shapes. For example, you can find simple spears made of wood with one or more barbs, but also harpoons made of steel with a shorter shaft and a long line, which is intended to make it easier to retrieve the prey. In this form, the other end of the line is also attached to a launching device.

When underwater hunting or spearfishing, smaller harpoons are often fired from devices that resemble a rifle. For whale hunting, however, large harpoons are shot from cannons. These launchers are permanently mounted on the ships. The barbs of these special harpoons are only extended with a small explosion when the animal has been hit. In most cases, this is how the whale dies.

Hunting with a harpoon can be a very bloody affair. That’s why it’s hardly surprising if we wake up in horror from such a dream. But is the message behind the dream symbol “harpoon” a terrible one? Or does such a dream perhaps point to something completely different?

Dream symbol “harpoon” – the general interpretation

The dream image “harpoon” can be viewed in general terms lean times Clues. These will probably soon come to the sleeping person. This time can also be accompanied by a deterioration in your own life situation.

However, if you use a harpoon in your dream, you are allowed to come along Win in the financial area. Above all, if you can handle the harpoon well while you sleep, your business actions will bear fruit. If the hooks of a harpoon are in the foreground in the dream, this can refer to unpleasant tasks from which one cannot escape.

If you catch fish with a harpoon in a dream, this can indicate, according to general dream interpretation, that your own efforts in the waking world successful will be. If even a shark is caught while sleeping, the dreamer will soon be able to overcome his fears in a certain area and successfully master upcoming tasks.

Dream symbol “harpoon” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “harpoon” in most cases embodies a heated one male driving force or sexuality. The dreamer should try to control these powers in the waking world and use them in doses.

If you are threatened with a harpoon as a weapon in a dream, this can indicate an aggressive type of influence from other people in your waking life. If, on the other hand, the dream threatens other people with a harpoon and attacks, this dream situation can refer to one mental conflict refer.

If you see a bleeding whale in a dream that was injured with a harpoon, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, you should be careful about excessive self-esteem. Because this can quickly lead to others in your waking life injured. If the whale is even killed by a harpoon in the dream, the sleeper should be careful not to react too strongly to difficulties in the waking world.

Dream symbol “harpoon” – the spiritual interpretation

Seen in the sense of a weapon, the dream symbol “harpoon” can, according to the transcendent dream analysis spiritual energies Clues. The dreamer should be aware of this and treat it carefully.

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