Harp – dream interpretation

The harp is a very old instrument that has accompanied human civilization for thousands of years and was already found in ancient times and in ancient Egypt. The gentle sounds of a harp have always provided a pleasant musical accompaniment to a social gathering or the background to a banquet. With its harmonious tones, harp music can calm and soothe. She is associated with the heavenly; angels are often depicted with a harp in their hands.

Conversely, playing the harp can also get on people’s nerves if it constantly hits them like so-called “elevator music” and does not correspond to their current emotional state: anyone who is actually angry and looking for a confrontation will have little use for whispering tones. Played in an orchestra, the harp music forms a harmonious carpet of sound, which gives the entire orchestral music a special touch.

Dream symbol “harp” – the general interpretation

The harp as a dream symbol refers to the Vibrations of the dreamer, on his nervous condition and the Harmony or disharmony between him and his environment. Anyone who sees or hears a harp in a dream can deduce from the melody how things are going for them – pleasant, harmonious playing indicates that they are in harmony with themselves and others.

Sometimes it can also be an indication that the dream is looking for something loved ones and tenderness longs. Seeing the harp means falling in love soon, suddenly and head over heels, while the dreamer who only hears the game is probably lovesick. The longing and desire for touch can also have an erotic or sexual component.

On the other hand, if the harp playing in the dream is rushed or disharmonious, if it hurts the ears or gets on the nerves, then this is usually the case warning sign: the dreamer does not feel comfortable with something or someone, his nerves are actually affected in waking life.

A broken harp is a dream symbol for a rift or a separation between lovers, plus she can Illness indicate. If the strings are torn, the dream symbol is a sign of people who want to harm you or who are already in the process of doing so. If a melody repeats over and over again, this speaks of the feeling that you are trying to be persuaded to do something.

Dream symbol “harp” – the psychological interpretation

As a symbol of the nervous state, but also of death and a world beyond the earthly, the harp in a dream can have a psychological meaning upset Clues. Hearing very harmonious melodies or playing the instrument yourself supports this interpretation.

The almost unearthly beautiful harp playing distracts from the actual problems and is beguiling and even deafening. The dreamer should be aware of his difficulties and take better care of his nerves. He may be suffering from chronic stress, the cause of which should be found and eliminated.

Sometimes the dream symbol also suggests that you are yourself unnecessary stress prepare and worry about things that are actually clarified.

Beguilement also plays a role in the other variant of the psychological dream interpretation of this symbol: the harp in the dream can be unconscious sexual desires and Desire indicate.

Dream symbol “harp” – the spiritual interpretation

As an instrument of the heavenly choir and also because of its nature, the harp symbolizes on a spiritual level Ladder to higher levels.

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