Harmonium – dream interpretation

The harmonium is a keyboard instrument and belongs to the group of aerophones. With this instrument, the sound is produced by reeds that are of different lengths and are caused to vibrate by air flowing around them, usually with the help of bellows. That’s why the harmonium is closely related to the accordion.

Traditionally, the harmonium was played primarily in Central Europe, where it was often used in house music or as a replacement instrument for an organ. However, the reeds of the harmonium produce more inharmonic overtones compared to organ pipes. Therefore the sound is perceived as less pure.

You can find out what the harmonium can mean as a dream symbol in the following article.

Dream symbol “harmonium” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis sees the dream image “Harmonium” as a symbol for spontaneous joy of life. The dreamer can approach other people and make contacts in waking life without any worries. He also often enjoys surprising celebrations and has a great talent for improvisation.

The sight of a harmonium also brings joy and Luck in the family area. If the dreamer plays a harmonium in front of his family in a dream, he can probably look forward to a happy event or celebration soon. There may also be a wedding.

If you experience a concert with lots of harmonies in a dream, then generally speaking, after a period of worry and a lot of effort, you will finally be Trost and find happiness.

If the music of the harmonium sounds harmonious in the dream, this can be an indication of an inner state Balance Clues. If, on the other hand, the music is perceived as disharmonious or even noise, you should be wary of family arguments and problems.

Dream symbol “Harmonium” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the harmonium in the dream can be interpreted as similar to an accordion and thus refers to the emotional state of the dreamer. Perhaps the sleeper should consciously deal with this. If the song played sounds wrong in the dream, this can illustrate problems in this area.

In addition, for an interpretation on a psychological level, the melody and rhythm that were played on the harmonium should be taken into account. The emotions that are triggered in the sleeper in the dream can also be used for the interpretations. Was it perhaps joy or rather sadness and you even had to cry?

If the harmonium is used in the dream more as a replacement for the organ or for organ music, this can indicate spiritual questions that can soon be clarified. If the dreamer sings in his sleep to the music of a harmonium, his social as well as communication skills be aware. Because these are well trained and the sleeper knows how to use them skillfully.

Dream symbol “Harmonium” – the spiritual interpretation

Seen as a musical instrument, the dream symbol “harmonium” can be seen as one within the spiritual interpretation of dreams Possibility how the dreamer can express himself. In this context, disharmonious tones often indicate an imbalance in spiritual matters.

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