Handbag – dream interpretation

There is hardly a woman in our culture who does not own a handbag. There is a suitable model for every occasion. Handbags are made from leather or synthetics, canvas or silk and even truck tarpaulins. They are available in every size and shape imaginable, from tiny evening bags with just enough space for a powder compact to gigantic shopper bags. There are hardly any limits to the variety of colors, as well as to the decoration, such as embroidery with sequins.

A handbag is a portable private compartment. Looking into someone else’s bag or even reaching into it is absolutely socially outlawed. Because it contains extremely personal things: keys, money and papers, but also letters, private notes and cosmetics and hygiene products. That’s why many women close the zipper of their handbag.

If someone dreams of a handbag, he may be planning to go out. He may remember in the dream that there is something important in it or that he still needs to put certain things in it. For dream interpretation, it is important whether the dreamer searches, carries or loses the handbag, for example.

Dream symbol “handbag” – the general interpretation

A handbag is the dream symbol for the undiscovered, for secrets and the hidden personality. In dream interpretation, the handbag or briefcase can be an indication of the very absorbing character of the dreamer. Just as all sorts of things can be kept in your bag, hidden from prying eyes, the dream symbol represents what the dreamer would like to hide.

In addition, a handbag can even be used in an emergency impact weapon use in an acute dangerous situation. If this happens in a woman’s dream, she may feel her femininity is threatened. The background of the dream can be another woman, a “competitor”, or a dominant man in waking life.

The dream symbol “handbag” represents the privacy. If you dream of losing a handbag, you may be in danger of losing something very intimate. If you find them again, it is a sign of good news in dream interpretation. Anyone who carries a handbag in a dream emphasizes their femininity, perhaps even too much. If you look for something in your handbag and can’t find it, you have to expect unpleasant surprises.

If the dream symbol is a heavy handbag, dream interpretation sees it as a sign of better times. If you put something in your handbag in a dream, you will lose something, but if you take something out, you will find something that you had misplaced.

Dream symbol “handbag” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “handbag” embodies emotions, experiences and intellectual possessions. Resting in the dream, they should be perceived and used more consciously. As a storage place for notes, it also stands for this in dream interpretation memory and personal memories. These are often hidden in the subconscious and only come to the surface through a dream. And sometimes the handbag is the luggage from the past that you consider Burden carries around with him.

In dream interpretation, the handbag is often seen as a dream symbol for female sexuality and a woman’s erotic needs. The contents of the handbag symbolize the supply female Eros. If your handbag is dumped in a dream, it reveals the fear of losing intimacy.

Dream symbol “handbag” – the spiritual interpretation

As a container whose contents are invisible to others, the dream symbol “handbag” in spiritual dream interpretation points the person concerned to hidden things occult knowledge hin.

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