Hand – dream interpretation

Hands are seen as an instrument of energy and action both in dreams and in waking life. You can work with them, grab something, hold it or let it go and feel something. A palm reader can even recognize future life situations and changes from someone else’s hand – at least according to her own belief.

There is often a handshake as a greeting and those who walk hand in hand show the intense relationship they have with each other. Sometimes we whisper behind our hands if we don’t want everyone to know what we’re saying. In India, the bride’s hands are painted with henna before marriage.

Hand - dream interpretation

The interpretations of this body part in dream analysis are just as varied as the possible uses of the hand.

If you dreamed of a hand and want to interpret this dream, you will find helpful hints in the following sections. Take a look at the most common dreams here as well as the different possible interpretations of the dream about the hand:

Dream symbol “hand” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Objects around the hand: what do they mean in a dream?

The handbag in the dream

In dream interpretation, the handbag represents secrets and undiscovered things, which can also refer to the hidden sides of your own personality. If the handbag was stolen in the dream, this indicates the fear that someone could invade the dreamer’s privacy. If the handbag was lost, he may have lost something very personal.

Towel = dry hands in a dream?

Even if a towel in a dream indicates love and hospitality, drying yourself with a towel symbolizes slander that affects the dreaming person. If the person is only wearing a towel, the person may no longer want to have to hide a certain thing that makes them uncomfortable from other people.

Dream gloves – warm and cozy!

If we dream of gloves, this can indicate the distance we have from other people and our outside world in general.

It is quite possible that people in the real world are more reserved and cautious when it comes to interpersonal relationships. If we take the gloves off, we will probably try to make contact with others. If you wear a muff to protect your hands instead of gloves, you often don’t want to reveal everything about yourself.

Click and rattle! If handcuffs appear in a dream

If handcuffs appear in the dream world, the interpretation usually depends on the specific dream event. Have you been handcuffed yourself during an arrest? If so, there may be false suspicions against you that should be cleared up as quickly as possible.

What is done with the hands in the dream world

Holding hands: a beautiful dream…

If you dream of holding hands, you will most likely receive deep affection from your partner. If you are single yourself, the dream expresses the desire for tenderness. Holding your hand or taking someone by the hand symbolizes very different things that are always related to the person whose hand you are holding.

Dreaming about shaking hands. What’s behind it?

If the sleeper performs a handshake or a handshake to greet another person in his dreams, this can indicate harmony and positive news. If someone was greeted that the sleeper does not like, this is a possible indication of an improvement in the relationship with this person.

Pain in and on the dreamed hand

Hands cut off – what a nightmare!

If your hands were cut off in the dream world, whether with a knife or an ax is not important, this can symbolize loneliness in the waking world, taking your own life situation into account.

In addition, the amputation of the hands is also a warning about friends who may not be loyal to you. Anyone who loses the oath hand after committing perjury has difficulty distinguishing right from wrong.

Ouch… The hand injury in dream interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, a hand injury in a dream indicates difficulties and problems. If you look at this dream image from the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, the injury to the hand has a negative impact on the dreamer’s ability to act.

Hole in the hand, ouch! A dream symbol of pain

As a dream symbol, a hole in the hand expresses inability to act. For dream interpretation, the dream is a sign that special circumstances in real life limit the sleeping person’s abilities and energy. If you have been shot, your relationship with the shooter in the waking world is disrupted.

The interpretation of a hole in the hand caused by an animal attack in a dream depends on the side of the hand: According to dream analysis, the right hand is a male symbol, the left is a female symbol. Seeing Christ with sore hands often expresses that the person concerned wants to develop further in the spiritual and emotional area.

Dream symbol “hand” – the general interpretation

If a hand appears to the dreamer, then it can generally be used for Urge to create and skill stand. You may also like to work manually, i.e. by hand and not with a machine. If there are several hands, they are considered a symbol of wealth and honor.

This also generally applies to beautiful, particularly large or strong hands that appear in dreams, or when the dreamer washes his hands over the sink. However, if he dries it off, then people may talk badly about him. A firm handshake also gives notice Success while a weak handshake symbolizes failure. If you get a manicure on your hand while you sleep, you should be careful of slander and lies.

If the dreamer holds a cap in his hand while sleeping, he should be patient. Because in the waking world things will not develop as quickly as he would like.

If the sleeper is hit on the hand with a cane, he wants to punish himself for something. A slap in the face, as a dream symbol, warns you to rethink your own actions. Being inconsiderate when dealing with others is not a good thing.

Waving your hand as a dream image can exhort you to be more community spirited. You should think more about others. A rosary in your hand can often indicate a difficult time.

If thick hands appear, they are considered a sign of Streitwhile thin, small hands can predict that the dreamer will possibly be robbed or have problems at work.

If the hands are ugly or misshapen, they can herald bad times ahead. Dirty hands are a warning false friends or fraudulent people. If the dreamer has dirty hands, then he may trust the wrong people or he may behave unfairly. Protecting your hand with a napkin while you sleep can warn you of moody behavior.

Injuries to the hands are another important clue in the dream. In general, they often indicate problems and difficulties. If you cut your hands, you can business losses threaten, if you burn your hands, you may also be one of the losers.

If you have smallpox in a dream and therefore have a rash on your hands, you are probably in for a time of prosperity and success.

If a hand appears without fingers, it is considered a warning against large opponents as well Defeats. If the dream loses one or both hands, in some cases this can be a bad omen of misfortune. However, the dreamer should include all details of the dream when interpreting it.

Hands stained with blood indicate possible problems in the family, and a cut hand indicates faithless friends and loneliness. If the dreamer loses his right hand, this can mean that he will lose contact with his father or that he will at least become weaker.

Conversely, the left hand is the mother you are in danger of losing – if you don’t want this to happen, take care of your parents and spend time with them if possible.

Dream symbol “hand” – the psychological interpretation

As in waking life, the hand symbolizes in the dream world Energyshaping your own life and Energy. If your hand is injured in a dream, this may also have an impact on the dreamer’s ability to act. He can therefore feel unable to act in waking life, which is illustrated by the injury to his hand in the dream.

According to most dream analysts, the left hand is interpreted as a female symbol and the right hand as a male symbol. Therefore, pay attention to the specific dream events in order to draw the appropriate conclusions.

If dirty hands appear in the dream, then in the psychological interpretation approach this is interpreted as an indication of the dreamer’s unfavorable behavior. At the same time, this includes a call to work on your own behavior.

Dream symbol “hand” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual interpretation, the dream symbol hand stands for Powerdominion and high spiritual activity as well as energy.

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