Hall – dream interpretation

The terms “large room” and “many people” are usually associated with a hall. In cities there are usually all kinds of halls that are used for certain occasions or have certain functions, such as the town hall hall or the ballroom for celebrations. Dance events are held in a ballroom and surgical procedures are carried out in an operating room. Halls often have a special architecture, high ceilings and therefore special acoustics.

If a hall is full, music may be playing in it, a moving atmosphere arises. But if a hall is empty and you are the only one standing in it, a feeling of loss and oppression can quickly develop.

The question now arises as to what the subconscious wants to indicate with the dream of a hall. How can the dream symbol be interpreted?

Dream symbol “hall” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “hall” primarily refers to the dreamer’s wish Community and Socializing. The dreamer longs for the company of other people in his waking life and would like to get together with them for a happy celebration. If he sees himself in a large hall in a dream, he will probably succeed in making his wish come true and he will be able to meet other people.

However, if the dreamer feels lost among the many people in a large hall in the dream, it is shown to him, according to popular dream interpretation, that he feels purer in his life followers which adapts to the mass. Maybe it’s time to break out of this behavior.

Witnessing a music concert in a large hall with a crowd of people in a dream signals the dream image Longing for community and harmony. New experiences can also be heralded by the nighttime dream experience when you witness a concert in the audience. Viewed in itself, the concert hall symbolizes a sociable, wonderful time that you will remember fondly. However, those who rarely experience such times wish for more Contact.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer is standing completely alone in a hall in the dream, he should look for new good friends or make acquaintances as soon as possible.

If the hall is brightly lit in the dream, the dreamer will soon have happy hours and be a guest at happy celebrations. Attending a meeting in a large dream hall usually indicates conflicts or Quarrels in the waking world. Sometimes the dream symbol “hall” warns the dreamer that he should not enjoy himself in waking life to the detriment of others. Schadenfreude can quickly lead to anger.

A waiting room, for example in a hospital, is a reminder of one’s own patience. Anyone who stops and waits now instead of acting hastily will soon have advantages. In dream analysis, the operating room in the clinic symbolizes your own fears regarding a serious illness and severe pain. Such fears are often unfounded, so you should investigate the background, especially if surgical dreams become recurring nightmares.

Dream symbol “hall” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “hall” symbolizes a place of communication or shared space Entertainment. This should make the dreamer aware that he wants to communicate and have fun in the waking world. He wants more contacts and friendships. So far he has behaved very hesitantly or reservedly on this point. Now he wants to change this.

That’s why, according to psychological dream interpretation, a dream about a hall often appears at the end of a period of time Self-reflection or seclusion. The dreamer has only concerned himself with himself for a while and thereby recognized his longings and wishes.

Dream symbol “hall” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, anyone who finds themselves in a hall with many other people in their dream will be shown that they are following the… Gesellschaft spiritually like-minded people.

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