Guinea fowl – dream interpretation

The guinea fowl is also often referred to as the “African chicken”, which indicates its country of origin. Guinea fowl originally lived in Africa, where they can still be found in the wild today. Since these poultry are easy to breed, guinea fowl have now also conquered our regions.

However, the appearance of the guinea fowl differs significantly from the conventional chicken. Because it has a small and rounded body, while its plumage is blue-green with many small white spots. In addition, both the head and neck are almost completely naked.

Dream symbol “guinea fowl” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the dream image “guinea fowl” as a symbol of enjoyable conversations. The sleeping person will probably meet interesting people to talk to in the waking world and be in good company.

If you see a single strong, beautifully feathered guinea fowl in your dream, you can usually expect one in the waking world improvement his life situation. Many guinea fowls in their sleep, on the other hand, can remind you to concentrate better and not to indulge in gossip. Young guinea fowl chicks, as a dream image, usually refer to good business in the financial sector.

If the dreamer tries to catch a guinea fowl in his dream, good ones may suit him news into the house. If you have to chase this for a long time, you should consider whether you really only want to indulge in short love adventures or whether you should prefer a longer relationship.

Slaughtering a guinea fowl in its sleep can generally be considered Carelessness to warn. Because through this carelessness, you may only end up harming yourself. You should therefore be more concentrated in your waking life.

If you cook such a chicken in a dream, you may soon have pleasant festivities ahead of you. Eating a guinea fowl dish in a dream can lead to less self-interest prompt in the real world. Because this excessive self-centeredness will only harm yourself.

Dream symbol “guinea fowl” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the guinea fowl in the dream usually reminds us to be more mindful and concentration. The dreamer should not allow himself to be distracted in the waking world, but rather focus on the really important things in life.

Feeding guinea fowls while they sleep can indicate that the sleeper’s plans and intentions will develop favorably. In reality you will probably make some progress. The sight of free-living guinea fowl can be seen as a dream image reflecting the sleeper’s longing for personal freedom Clues.

Seen in the sense of a poultry, the dream symbol “guinea fowl” can also be one internal stress illustrate. The dreamer may feel tense or stressed in waking life and can do little to counteract these feelings at the moment. This stress can also be caused by too much distraction, as in this situation the tasks do not become fewer, but usually even more.

Dream symbol “guinea fowl” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “guinea fowl” can be interpreted in a similar way to the dream image of the chicken and thus refers to the deep-seated fears of the dreamer. The dreamer should consciously deal with these in order to possibly work through them.

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