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Receiving guests can have different reasons in everyday life. These often depend on the relationship with the guests and the circumstances under which they are staying in their own home. You can also be a guest at a celebration, a cultural event, a restaurant or a bar. Feelings about a guest or the role of being a guest yourself can be different: Does the visit make you happy or would you rather be undisturbed and to yourself? Do you like dining together in the lavishly decorated dining room or would you rather lounge around on the couch alone with a plate of pasta?

The same question arises when interpreting dreams in which guests play a role. The interpretation of these dreams depends heavily on the emotions of the person concerned, but also on the people who are visiting in the dream. Are they friends, family members, colleagues, or someone complete strangers? Did you visit yourself in the dream, where did you stay and which people were there?

It may be helpful to make some notes about this as soon as you wake up to make it easier to interpret the dream afterwards.

Dream symbol “guest” – the general interpretation

Anyone who dreams of receiving welcome visitors, i.e. having someone in their home whose presence they are happy about, can also see this as a positive sign for their real life: according to the general opinion, this means that they are announcing themselves new projects at. Anyone who receives a “ladies visit” in the sense of a date will find a person in reality who will give them warmth and security.

The person affected is internally ready for this and has the strength and the (financial) resources to dedicate themselves to new tasks and work on them successfully. The opposite applies if the dreamer feels uncomfortable.

Does he perhaps have a guest in his dream who scares him or who he would like to no longer have in his house as quickly as possible? In this case, the symbol represents something he avoids in real life. Perhaps fears he is facing a new relationship, a professional project or another responsibility. He should consider who or what the uninvited guest could represent and see the dream as an invitation to consider what reasons he has for his reluctance and whether he might not be able to take on the task.

In addition to these basic meanings of the dream symbol, receiving guests in a dream can also be for Luck or an actual one Visit of someone in real life.

Anyone who lets their guests stay overnight could also benefit from a friendship service in the near future. However, he could also be afraid of spending too much money waste be warned if the dreamer sees himself as a guest.

If you are a guest at a topping-out ceremony in your sleep, you might start something new. If you attend a communion celebration in a dream as a guest, you should pay attention to your independence in the spiritual area.

Dream symbol “guest” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation, if you are a guest at someone’s house in your dream, you may feel that way in real life lonely and isolated. He wants more social contacts, new, deeper friendships or even a partnership.

For the dreamer, care and attention from others play a big role in real life; He should consider whether there have been recent events in his life that have jeopardized existing friendships or a relationship. Then the dream of being a guest himself expresses that he is afraid of future loneliness.

The same applies if the person concerned becomes a host in the dream. This also suggests the importance of interpersonal relationships Relationships interpret, but in this case it is also important to the dreamer to be needed, to care for others and to be liked and admired for this.

Being a guest in a hotel signals that the dreamer is in a transitional phase of his development. The porter who opens the door for the hotel’s guest is symbolic of the Distinction of good and bad influences in life.

Dream symbol “guest” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual opinion, the guest in the dream can be an indication of one spiritual guide be. This person may announce himself in the role of a guest.

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