Gravel – dream interpretation

Gravel is the term used to describe coarse-grained, stony sand, which is often obtained in a gravel pit, especially in the construction industry for the production of concrete and as filling material. The quartz gravel is used in the glass and ceramic industries.

In some places gravel is also called gravel. The size of gravel is between two and 63 millimeters. From a medium size onwards they are also often referred to as pebbles. Gravel is available in many different colors from brown to lilac.

However, by the time we get to see them as such, pebbles have already come a long way, as their place of origin is usually in the mountains. Erosion of the rock there creates so-called sediments, which are then transported further into the river valleys by mountain rivers or glaciers. However, when we hold it in our hands at some point, we cannot tell that the gravel has traveled for thousands of years.

However, if it appears as a dream symbol in our dreams, this can raise questions and make us look for a connection to our lives.

Dream symbol “gravel” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream image “gravel” is a symbol of unexpected luck and rich income. The dreamer can expect to receive a reward for his unselfish actions very soon.

However, as a dream image, gravel also leaves a request for the dreaming person. She should ask herself where she is in life practical skills used in a targeted and effective manner and whether there is any need for improvement here. You may not be aware of your abilities, which means that talents remain unused.

If you see gravel together with dirty earth, this can herald a loss for the person concerned. Speculation should therefore not even be considered. If you transport gravel with a wheelbarrow in a dream, you should become aware that you are carrying too much with you on a spiritual level.

If you work with gravel in your dream and sprinkle it on a path, for example, your careful actions will protect you from an accident in your waking life. If gravel lying on the path makes walking difficult, this can affect you financial bottleneck Clues. On the other hand, if you walk lightly over gravel, you can look forward to effortlessly earned money, also known as moss.

Dream symbol “gravel” – the psychological interpretation

We often remember things from our dream world that were big and therefore particularly memorable. However, since the gravel stones are rather small and inconspicuous, unless they are piled up in large piles, this is used in psychological dream interpretation as a symbol for the little things of life understood. For the dreamer, this can mean paying more attention to what seems unimportant to him.

What can be meant by this? Perhaps a seemingly casual sentence from a friend that he absolutely had to get an important thing done if only he finally found the time for it. How about offering him your help with this? We often overlook or ignore small details in everyday life that could be of great importance to another person. The dream symbol “gravel” wants to raise your awareness of this and give you more Mindfulness to heart.

However, if you slip on gravel, you would do well to go through life a little more carefully and not take any unnecessary risks.

Dream symbol “gravel” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the gravel symbolizes dream interpretation microcosm.

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