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Grandma is the mother of one’s own mother or father. Thoughts of your own grandmother are usually associated with a feeling of love, homeliness and security. As a child, this is where you sought protection from the adversities of life and where you were happily looked after and cared for. Grandma – or even great-grandma – often allowed you to do things that were forbidden to your own parents. As a grandchild you were often spoiled by your grandparents – of course also by your grandfather, the kind old man.

For that reason alone, a visit to grandma was something special. Stories and songs from the past fascinated us as children, even though we couldn’t really imagine some of them.

But what does grandma want to tell us in a dream? What does this dream image of the old lady represent? If possible, consider the circumstances under which your grandma met you in your dream. – Or were you even a grandma with her grandchildren in your dream, even though you may not be old yet?

Before we dedicate ourselves to the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation of dreams, let’s take a closer look at those dream situations that an above-average number of dreamers report:

Dream symbol “Grandma” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Experience grandma and grandpa together in the dream world

It often happens that grandma and grandpa appear together in dreams. In general dream analysis, grandparents are interpreted as symbols of wisdom. One of the two people, sometimes both, then has the role of advisor. Hidden clues in dreams should be decoded to fully understand this advice: So remember gestures, actions or objects that grandma and grandpa held in their hands in the dream. Interpret these symbols using our dream dictionary.

Grandma’s house plays a role in my dream – why?

The house where grandma and grandpa live or used to live plays an important role in many nightly dreams. In essence, grandma’s home indicates a longing of the dreamer: the dreaming person wants a safe place where he or she can retreat. Maybe everyday life is very hectic and stressful right now, so you’re longing for a haven of peace. Responsible tasks that threaten to become too much for you can also trigger such dream images.

Hugging grandma in a dream – giving and receiving love

Grandma’s hug symbolizes the need for love and closeness. Anyone who loves their grandma or loved them during her lifetime longs for exactly this feeling in the opposite form: you want another person – perhaps your partner – to have similarly strong feelings towards you.

If hugging your grandmother in the dream world is rather unpleasant, your own feelings towards this person are more intense than you would admit.

Grandma in the dream is not feeling well

Grandma is sick – the dream interpretation

Because in general dream analysis the grandma represents the feeling of security, affection and security, it is precisely these feelings that are disturbed in a sick grandma. In reality, the person affected feels insecure. It may be that the relationship is in crisis or the job is at risk. The dream calls for seeking out an older person with experience who can give advice.

Anyone who sees a weak grandmother in their dreams and has a very specific illness in mind, whether cancer or just a simple cold, should first ask themselves what illness it is and interpret the dream image “grandma illness” accordingly. For example, if your grandma coughs, it represents worries and insecurity; a runny nose can herald arguments in the family.

Why is grandma crying? A sad sleeping experience…

It doesn’t always have to be the grandmother who suffers in reality when a crying grandma appears in a dream. The older woman can represent another person from the dreaming’s close environment; You may have recently had a big argument with this person, which is now being processed in your sleep. The dream image calls on the dreamer to act and bring about a discussion.

In addition, the tears of a crying grandmother can mean saying goodbye to your childhood if your grandmother has already died and you had a good relationship with each other.

Death and Resurrection: When the dream grandma dies and lives again

Grandma dies. A nightmare!

If grandma dies in the dream, the subconscious processes feelings and experiences from life. Saying goodbye to the deceased grandma symbolizes the abandonment of old moral principles – the dreamer is looking for new developments! At the same time, the sleeper finds the new beginning very difficult.

If you don’t see a strange grandma die in a dream, but even experience the dream symbol “my dead grandmother”, then the inner maturation process is accompanied by deep emotions. However, the dead grandma also represents a wise person who can and will advise the dreamer!

Grandma is alive again, a miracle! Possible in the dream world

If your own grandma has already died and she suddenly comes back to life in her sleep, it becomes clear how much this person influenced the dreamer. The very intense memories of your grandmother live on in the sleeper’s consciousness. If the person concerned is currently going through a stressful phase of life, the dream of their grandma coming back to life is an expression of an urgent desire for advice.

A grandma in connection with new life in a dream

Grandma is pregnant, oh well! Correctly interpreting strange dream events

Dreaming about a grandma having a baby bump is certainly irritating. After all, it is rare for older women to have another child. But many things are possible in dreams – and the dream image is definitely positive! The pregnant grandmother symbolizes helpful, good advice that the dreamer will soon receive.

Becoming a grandma yourself is a beautiful dream

Even those who don’t even have their own children yet and therefore only see becoming a grandma as a distant dream can dream of suddenly having one or more grandchildren. But what does such a dream situation mean? The joy of having grandchildren in a dream can be transferred to reality, because the dream image of “becoming a grandma yourself” indicates a good sign for the future. This can affect all areas of life. In the end you will say: That went well!

Dream symbol “grandma” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “grandma” is primarily seen as one Mother figure interpreted, which lovingly advises the dreaming. She wants to help the dreamer overcome difficulties and bring him happiness and joy for the rest of his life.

At the same time, an old woman also has a protective role in a dream. Their appearance in the dream aims to point out mistakes to the dreamer and protect them from possible stupidities.

Referring to the old age of the grandmother in the dream, she continues to symbolize life experience and wisdom, but also authority. That’s why the dream symbol “Grandma” usually contains a request to the dreamer.

The mere sight of grandma without any further action in the dream tells the dreamer that his plans and ventures in the waking world will be successful. If the dreamer follows his grandmother’s good advice in the dream, then, according to the general dream interpretation, he will soon overcome all obstacles.

If the dreamer sees himself as a grandma in a family in the dream, possibly surrounded by children and grandchildren, this dream situation is a very positive symbol and the dreamer can look forward to successful times. If actions take place in the dream world between one’s own grandmother and her sister – i.e. one’s own great aunt – then ventures are currently succeeding better than usual. Financial gain can accompany the dream symbol.

Dream symbol “grandma” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams counts the dream symbol “Grandma” as one of the archetypal dream symbols. She is also popular as a species Overmother interpreted that only has the well-being of the dreaming in mind.

In addition, a pensioner in a dream symbolizes a past time of security and safety. The dreamer has long since left this protected phase of life and is now responsible for his own actions.

In earlier interpretations, Grandma’s farewell and moving away in the dream were interpreted as an advance warning of her imminent death.

However, today’s dream interpretation sees this as more Distancing from the childhood experiences through the dreamer. Actually, the dreamed death of the grandmother has nothing to do with the actual death of the person.

Rather, the dreamer is now finally leaving this phase of his life behind him. His personality has now matured and matured to the point where he can move forward on his life’s path.

Dream symbol “grandma” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dreamer receives a hint or a message in the dream symbol “Grandma”. Message old spiritual powers for his future path in life.

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