Godfather – dream interpretation

The name of the godfather or godmother is derived from the Latin word “pater spiritualis” or “patrinus”, which means something like “spiritual father” or “little father”.

Taking on a sponsorship is still a voluntary position in Christian churches today. On the one hand, the godfather witnesses the baptism of his godchild at the altar. On the other hand, he promises to take part in the Christian (faith) education of this child and, together with his parents, to support him in discovering his religion. The people who take on a church-certified sponsorship are also called godmothers or godfathers.

It is often assumed that the duty of care for the child automatically passes to the godparents if the child’s parents die prematurely. However, this assumption is based on previous habits.

Today, the assumption of guardianship must be determined in the will. Even if taking on a sponsorship position needs to be carefully considered, today parents and sponsors decide together what value they give to this position. However, certain requirements must be met by the church in order to become a godparent.

The dream interpretation explains what meaning the godmother can have on a dream level in the following article:

Dream symbol “godfather” – the general interpretation

In dreams it can happen that you see yourself as a godfather or godmother, even though you have not yet taken on this role in real life. For dream interpretation, the question is whether the dreamer may currently have duties that he is very reluctant to fulfill, but sees no way of avoiding them.

Being a carer in a dream can go beyond that unexpected monetary expenses to announce. There may even be a baptism coming up in the medium term, which can raise the question of a sponsorship for the dreamer. Here he should feel particularly attentive to himself and only take on this obligation if he can support this task with all his heart.

It’s about reliability and trust when another person takes on the role of godfather in a dream. If you recognize the person, you should have no doubts about confiding in this person and relying on their support. If you are asked in the dream world to sponsor a child, then, according to general dream interpreters, the dreamer will soon be rewarded with this great luck in a marital union.

If a sleeping person sponsors an animal in the zoo in his dream, he can control his passions well, but should learn to let his urges run wild from time to time. A tree sponsorship usually symbolizes a strong connection to nature and vitality of the sleeper. Being a godmother or godfather for a certain city shows, as a dream image, that in reality the person would love to take the lead within a community.

Dream symbol “godfather” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “godfather” often embodies one Dishes and companion in times of need. Perhaps the dreamer is currently in a difficult situation and desperately wants a caring person at his side.

Experiencing yourself as a godmother or godfather in a dream can also stimulate your own Willingness to help to question once. Are you actually always helpful to other people in an unbiased manner? Or is this only easy for us with people we like and with whom we feel connected in a familiar way?

Sometimes being helpful also requires being willing to jump over your shadows and overcome the prejudices you may have inside.

Dream symbol “godfather” – the spiritual interpretation

From the transcendent perspective of dream interpretation, the godfather or godmother appearing in the dream world is a symbol of the need for mental protection.

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