give – dream interpretation

We give something away or receive something as a gift, especially on birthdays or at Christmas.

give - dream interpretation

Most of the time we want to fulfill someone else’s wish with our gifts. Or our own wish should be fulfilled.

But what does it look like if we give something away or receive something as a gift in a dream? What kind of clue can be hidden behind this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “give” – ​​the general interpretation

Similar to the dream symbol “gift”, the dream symbol “give” is also considered by general dream interpretation to be a reference to one change seen in the life of the dreamer. His current life situation in the waking world will develop positively. Maybe the dreamer will finally receive the recognition in waking life that he has long deserved, or he will find a new love partner.

If the dreamer gives something to another person in his dream, it is generally shown to him that he is in possession of important talents is. These can benefit other people. If something is given away in a dream, such as a rosary or a signet ring, you can soon look forward to unexpected gifts in your waking life. Personal giving as a dream symbol symbolizes understanding in a particular matter. The dreamer will be supported by other people in his actions in the waking world.

But if the dreamer is given a gift in his dream, perhaps with a piece of jewelry with carnelian, topaz, ruby, jasper or mother-of-pearl, he should turn to other people in his waking life and help them.

According to general dream interpretation, many gifts in dreams symbolize talents and gifts that the dreamer has not yet recognized. He should therefore be open to it in real life New be and develop further. In doing so, these skills that lie dormant within can come to light.

If you give away peonies in a dream, you should be braver and reveal your feelings in the waking world. If, on the other hand, marigolds are visible, you can often look forward to prosperity and success.

Dream symbol “give” – ​​the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “give” wants to illustrate to the dreamer that he is in waking life with the Benevolence and can count on the affection of his fellow human beings. By giving a gift in a dream, the dreamer can also receive a hint of unconscious knowledge.

This knowledge becomes available to him from time to time and he should use it accordingly. However, if the dreamer does not accept the gift in his dream, it is shown to him that he does not want to accept his as yet undiscovered talents in waking life either.

If the dreamer receives something as a gift in the dream, such as a cap, then according to the psychological interpretation of the dream it could also be one Satisfaction dream act. This means that the dreamer has received what he has always wanted in waking life. Or his wish is about to come true.

If the dreamer gives gifts to other people in the dream, he wants to strengthen or improve his position within a certain group in the waking world.

However, not only the dream act of giving a gift is important for the psychological interpretation of dreams. What was given in the dream is also very important. Because further aspects of the dream can be derived from this.

Dream symbol “give” – ​​the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “give” symbolizes dream interpretation on the spiritual level creative properties of the dreamer. He was not aware of these in his life so far.

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