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In many cases we are not alone in our dreams. Very often we have other people around us. These can be acquaintances, friends or family members. However, sometimes it is complete strangers with whom we experience the dreamed situation.

In this context, dreams in which you get to know an unknown person are particularly interesting for dream interpretation. Maybe you make a new friendship or get to know a potential relationship partner. Sometimes you meet a prominent actor, singer or politician and greet them with a handshake. Such dreams in which we meet someone can say a lot about us and our lives. So how exactly do you interpret the “get to know” symbol?

Before we address this general question, let’s first examine the dreams that most often appear in connection with the symbol of “getting to know each other.” Maybe your dream is already there:

Dream symbol “get to know” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Flirt, blind date and ex: Getting to know a man or a woman (again) in a dream

Meeting a girl in your dreams

Anyone who dreams of a girl and gets to know her in the dream experience is unconsciously concerned with their own personality aspects such as sympathy and adaptability. The dreamer may wonder how he will be received by outsiders. In addition, being easily influenced and naive can be a problem. In this case, the dreamer should be careful in the future who he puts his trust in.

Fancy a flirt? Getting to know a woman in a dream experience

If you are in a relationship and suddenly dream of getting to know a woman better, you may start to wonder: Am I longing for someone else? In fact, the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud saw this dream symbol as a sexual longing, which, however, is not lived out in the waking world due to social norms.

A dreamer should ask himself whether there are erotic inclinations and desires that remain unfulfilled. Discussing this with your partner – if this person exists in reality – is important for a happy, fulfilling relationship.

Getting to know a new man in a dream

Similar to the girl in the dream, the man as a dream symbol also shows the dreamer’s own personality parts – this is how Sigmund Freud interpreted it. An unknown man that you meet in a dream represents a character trait that you were previously unaware of or that only recently developed, usually due to external circumstances. When you get to know your crush better, you become more aware of the parts of your personality that you know.

Try to remember the man you dreamed of: was he strong and tall? Small and narrow built? Did he seem confident or insecure? You discovered this character trait in yourself.

A thrilling adventure in a dream: the blind date

If the dreamer meets an unknown person in the dream and has a blind date, new, exciting projects await them. These can manifest themselves in private or professional life. It is also possible that the dreamer discovers new sides of himself, which in turn can lead to developments and progress.

Anyone who goes out to dinner with their date unconsciously feels the need for something new. Everyday life may be too dominated by routine and boredom. Loneliness can also be an issue if you meet a stranger in a dream on a blind date in a restaurant. It might make sense to try new things.

Getting to know your ex again in a dream – good or bad?

Meeting your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend again in the dream experience usually shows part of the sleeping person’s past. If in reality you parted ways in an argument, the dream of getting to know each other expresses the desire for a discussion.

Anyone who remains in friendly contact after the partnership has ended will certainly be less likely to be thrown off course by the dream situation. In this case, the ex-partner in the dream symbolizes the new partner and the deep feelings for each other. If you don’t have a new partner, this means the closest person in your environment.

Getting to know strangers – dream interpretation

Getting to know someone stranger in your sleep

According to general dream interpretation, getting to know a stranger indicates various things: If the dreamer likes the person and has a good feeling after waking up, an aspect of personality is developing that should definitely receive more attention in the dreamer’s life. The person should dare to express a part of their being more fully. However, if the person concerned wakes up with a bad feeling because getting to know someone was anything but positive, characteristics may be ignored and rejected.

Dream interpretation “meet new people and people”

If you meet several new people in a dream, then the dreamer is currently dealing with himself very intensively. Perhaps there was an event that caused this preoccupation with one’s own being? Properties are critically analyzed and questioned. How do I appear to others? What can I improve about myself? Such questions are important, but the dreamer should always keep his own needs and interests in mind and not adapt excessively to the wishes of others.

Getting to know a family and the exciting dream analysis

Strange… getting to know your own parents in your sleep

Dreamers usually get to know their new partner’s parents in advance while they sleep. They have thoughts and ideas about what these people might be like. But it also happens that you get to know your own parents in a dream, as if you had never met them before. In dream interpretation, the parents symbolize the actual relationship with these people in the waking world. Dealing with your parents in a dream shows how connected you feel to them. If there is no contact in the waking world or if your parents have already died, the dream shows how strongly you long for them.

In particular, anyone who believes they are meeting their mother for the first time in a dream discovers new aspects of themselves in the waking world. These characteristics can be things like good nature, caring and empathy. Greater emotionality can also be a trigger for such mother dreams.

Getting to know the family and what the dream means

Have you met your own family or that of your partner in a dream? Then you have a strong need for protection and security. According to the dream interpretation, the family symbolizes the dreamer’s desire to belong to a group and to have contact with people who will support you in difficult times. Such dreams often occur when you are in a delicate professional or private situation.

Half as bad? Getting to know your in-laws in a dream

According to the dream interpretation, the father-in-law represents conscience and one’s own decision-making power, the mother-in-law represents possible disputes, but also professional success. In combination, this means that in the event of conflicts, the dreamer should examine his own guilt before accusing the partner in the dispute. When it comes to your career, it is your own assertiveness that serves as a springboard: dare to do more and show yourself self-confidence in front of your competitors!

Oh scary! Getting to know your mother-in-law – the interpretation of dreams

Don’t worry, the dream image of your mother-in-law is better and more positive than you might think: it represents financially happy times and professional success. So if you met your mother-in-law in your sleep, then you should look for other dream symbols and interpret them; This way you can determine whether the possible windfall comes true. Another interpretation of getting to know each other says that the mother-in-law indicates coming trouble – but this requires additional symbols that point in this direction.

Dream symbol “getting to know” – the general interpretation

Basically, making an acquaintance in a dream can indicate necessity social inclusion refer. The dream of making interpersonal contacts is intended to encourage those affected to be more open towards their fellow human beings in reality.

According to the general interpretation approach, however, the type of person you met in the dream should always be taken into account. This indicates that new friendships could arise from the dreamed contact Support, cohesion and trust in the social environment. This is particularly true of dreams in which making friends plays a role and people meet for the first time.

Getting to know a star symbolizes your own creative side. The symbol then encourages you to live out your creative abilities more. If, on the other hand, it was an actor, the dream provides information about how the person concerned wants to appear to others. How does he adapt? What level of integration does he choose for himself and at what points does he want to stand out from the average, from normality?

A dream in which you and a politician become acquainted also refers to your own Sense of responsibility. You know what tasks and responsibilities you have to take on in life. Getting to know people from the work environment diminishes the desire change close. The dreamer sets new goals in the professional area.

However, the dream symbol “getting to know each other” most often appears in connection with new relationships, flirts and dates. According to general opinion, anyone who dreams of meeting a possible future partner is open to it New.

When you first get close in a dream, sexual aspects continue to play a role: wishes, fantasies and preferences are a topic here. The person affected is also in a transition phase into a different phase of life. He may want to change something in his everyday life and try out new possibilities for fulfillment.

Dream symbol “getting to know” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol of getting to know each other can indicate a change in the inner Point of view let close. The person affected rethinks attitudes and values ​​and redefines them.

Psychoanalysts also often assume that other people are in dreams Character traits of the person concerned themselves. The people you get to know and meet therefore represent parts of your personality that you have previously subconsciously rejected. The dreamer now gets to know this again.

The feelings that the dreamer has towards the other person show whether he will accept the parts of himself from now on and integrate them into his life, or whether he will finally repress them.

Dream symbol “getting to know” – the spiritual interpretation

According to a spiritual view, the dream image of “getting to know each other” shows that the person concerned is opening their mind. Through others he can create new ones findings win.

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