Gas – dream interpretation

Handling gas is often perceived as somewhat dangerous because it can explode. Did you also feel this feeling in your dream? What did you do with the gas in the dream? Did you smell some foul-smelling gas? Why did this dream symbol appear to you?

Gas - dream interpretation

But we don’t just find different gases on Earth. Planets such as Jupiter or Neptune can also consist largely of gas and are then referred to as “gas giants”.

Review your dream again and pay attention to the details you saw. These should also be included for a detailed dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “gas” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “gas” shows the dreamer that he difficulties in controlling his thoughts and feelings. It also shows his fear of them.

Gas in a dream is often an indication of negative thoughts, assumptions and attitudes. Sometimes the dream symbol “gas” can also be interpreted as a sign of deception in the waking world by other people in the immediate vicinity. If you wear a gas mask while sleeping to protect yourself from toxic gases, you should be careful of slander from those close to you.

If the dreamer smells gas in the dream, then, according to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol wants to show him that in the waking world someone wants to deceive him with a lie. If the dreamer threatens to suffocate from the gas in the dream, this is a sign that he is in the waking world due to his own guilt or negligence difficulties will come.

Cooking with gas in a dream symbolizes the dreamer’s weakening of his feelings for another person. If the dreamer observes how a balloon filled with gas bursts in the dream, he must expect someone else’s anger in the waking world.

Trying to blow out a gas flame in a dream shows the dreamer that he will probably not recognize his competitors in the waking world and that they will destroy him if they are not careful.

According to the general dream interpretation, turning off the gas in a dream is like warning to understand that the dreamer will destroy his happiness carelessly. Igniting gas in a dream can be interpreted as a symbol of finding a solution to end a streak of bad luck.

Dream symbol “gas” – the psychological interpretation

Interpreted psychologically, gas as a dream symbol is a sign of one invisible danger. It can also symbolize circumstances that the dreamer will be exposed to in the waking world without knowing them in detail.

If the dream symbol “gas” appears as an aid or tool, it is interpreted like the dream symbol “breath” in psychological dream interpretation. For further interpretation of dreams, the interpretations of this dream symbol should be used.

Dream symbol “gas” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “gas” symbolizes the spirit as unformed unit. The dreamer should become aware that the spirit can flow in and out of his life.

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