Gardener – dream interpretation

Gardeners are people who work in horticulture. However, people who practice gardening as a hobby in their free time can also be described as gardeners.

Gardener - dream interpretation

Some find rest and relaxation in this activity, others grow fruit and vegetables for their own kitchen.

In the dream world you can also meet gardeners or dedicate yourself to this activity. We would like to shed more light on what this person can say in a dream in the following text:

Dream symbol “gardener” – the general interpretation

The dream interpretation interprets the gardener in a similar way to the farmer. However, the gardener has the special feature that he takes care of the plant nature in an orderly and nurturing manner. In the dream world, the gardener often appears wearing a green apron. This person is usually meant to represent the inner gardener who takes care of the garden Soul of the dreaming and ensures that it does not go wild.

Dream research also connects the gardener in the dream world with the earth. In this context it symbolizes that earth-bound existencewhich is particularly concentrated in the garden.

Depending on the dream plot, the dreamed gardener can also herald annoyance in the dreamer’s waking life.

The tools that the gardener uses in the dream can also be important for the general interpretation of dreams. Therefore, this should also be examined more closely. In this context, a hedge trimmer can, for example, indicate unpleasant activities at work.

The plants and flowers that the gardener takes care of in the dream can also provide further clues. For example, irises bring good news for the dreamer.

Dream symbol “gardener” – the psychological interpretation

The gardener is used in the psychological interpretation of dreams as a symbol for the Understanding and interprets the wisdom, also for the life experience of the dreamer. In the dream plot, the gardener often serves as a reference to a specific person on whom the dreamer can rely in the waking world. This person pays attention to everything that the dreamer may have difficulties with.

In addition, the dreamed gardener is a symbol of the harmony and exchange with nature. It represents giving and taking, creating and inspiration.

If the dreamer is busy tending his garden while sleeping, then this dream image is intended to show that he is lovingly caring for himself.

In the dream world, overgrown gardens indicate that something has become disordered in the dreamer’s psyche. A gardener is urgently needed here to put everything back in order. The gardener symbolizes this here Help from outsidethat the dreamer may need. However, if the dream helps with gardening or already symbolically has a garden tool in his hand, then he will be able to solve his problems without outside help.

Dream symbol “gardener” – the spiritual interpretation

If the gardener appears in the dream world, then the spiritual dream interpretation interprets him as a help for the dreamer to recognize the wise person in himself and more Trust to give.

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