Garden – dream interpretation

Gardens offer us places of peace, relaxation and recreation, which is why we like to use the term paradisiacal Garden of Eden for something that seems perfect to us. For many, they represent a personal oasis in which one can recover from the stress of everyday life.

At the same time, they are places that are dominated by nature but are controlled by humans. Here the garden owner decides for himself whether he would prefer to plant irises, yucca palms, roses and geraniums, bluebells, marigolds, gorse, dahlias, an oleander bush or asters or perhaps even forego flowering plants altogether and prefer evergreen shrubs. Maybe you have a tree in your own garden, such as a beech.

Garden - dream interpretation

For the practical craftsman, his garden definitely needs a garden house in which he can store equipment and tools. Another likes it more romantic and prefers an arbor or a pavilion with a bench as an idyllic spot for undisturbed togetherness. Last but not least, there is the maze, which is intended to bring a little more excitement to a stay in the garden: finding it is not always easy.

A garden can also be important in dreams. It is one of the most important and common dream symbols, which can be explained, among other things, by its cultural and religious origins. But how exactly is the dream symbol “garden” interpreted?

Dream symbol “garden” – the general interpretation

Basically, the garden in the dream can be an expression of the Longing of the dreamer’s desire for love and passion. The person concerned wants affection, but also adventure and seduction. At the same time, however, this should always remain under the dreamer’s control; according to the general opinion, he himself wants to decide how far he goes and leaves himself to nature and his feelings.

Anyone who creates or maintains a garden in a dream, for example by trimming their bushes with hedge trimmers, can also transfer this to their emotional relationships: in real life they dedicate themselves to them with devotion, strive for harmony and in this way show how important they are his fellow human beings are to him.

If daisies or buttercups grow in the garden in a dream, this can indicate a longing for an innocent one Love refer. The clover, which attracts bees and bumblebees, symbolizes a happy time – especially if there are many four-leaf plants among them.

Chamomile as a garden plant often refers to good health in the waking world. The sight of an almond tree in your own garden can indicate positive developments. If you have a peppermint plant in your garden in a dream, you will usually have a varied time ahead of you. The sight of peonies in a garden usually promises a happy love life in waking life.

The sight of a vegetable garden, for example with tomatoes, Rapunzel lettuce, carrots and others, can often be a dream image that heralds something positive for your waking life.

Walking in a garden is also an indication of one in the general interpretation of the dream symbol balanced life. The person affected is satisfied and happy with themselves and their current situation and has a very positive attitude to life.

The opposite applies if the dream sees an overgrown, unkempt garden. In this case, he faces big ones in the near future disappointments, which could also possibly be due to his own disinterest in interpersonal relationships. He should try to put more effort into the people he cares about and nurture his relationships, even if it takes time and effort.

Garden of Eden - dream interpretation

If climbing plants have taken over in the chaotic-looking garden, they should be interpreted additionally. Ivy, for example, usually signals false friends, while the climbing honeysuckle refers to the reciprocity of trust.

If a mole litters the garden with unsightly mounds, this can indicate problems that the dreamer – if he is not careful – could easily stumble over. If you dig holes in the garden yourself with a spade, this can indicate laborious work.

If the dreamer sees a bin standing in the garden while sleeping, for example for biological waste or as a container for rainwater, the image symbolizes people and circumstances that have previously been ignored. These could harm the person – so the bin warns you to be careful!

If you observe St. John’s beetles in your garden in the dark, a well-kept secret may be revealed in the waking world. If there are various play equipment in the garden in a dream, you should deal with the possibilities offered in waking life.

If birds appear in the dream garden, such as a woodpecker, this can often refer to the desire to live out one’s creativity and love of freedom in waking life.

Dream symbol “garden” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological view, the garden in dreams often symbolizes relationships enjoyment of life, growth and fertility are dominated. This can also refer to sexual aspects of the relationship.

The more flowery and magnificent the garden is in the dream, the higher the (sexual) fulfillment the person concerned feels in their relationship. He may even consciously or subconsciously have the desire to create a new life out of this. If the garden reminds you of a mandala when you sleep, this can be seen as a symbol of the whole of life.

The dream symbol is interpreted less positively by psychoanalysts if the garden is surrounded by high walls or a fence or a palisade. In this case, the person concerned threatens to lonely, because he holds back too much from those around him and doesn’t want to reveal anything about himself, but instead lives alone. In real life, the dreamer should try to approach other people more and open up to them.

Anyone who can recognize a garden with a swing in a dream is literally bursting with joy for life – but it is precisely because of this exuberant joy that they have difficulty concentrating on a goal. The person affected seems to be constantly distracted. You should use the dream image of the swing as an opportunity to curb your emotions and never want to do several things at the same time.

Dream symbol “garden” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the garden symbolizes this paradise. At the same time, the dream includes a request to those affected to allow themselves more rest and relaxation and in this way to gain new strength.

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