Funeral procession – dream interpretation

A funeral procession is the last escort of the deceased shortly before the funeral. The mourners accompany the dead on their way to the grave or burial and thus have the opportunity to say goodbye and mourn publicly.

The funeral procession has been an important part of the funeral rite for thousands of years and is practiced in a wide variety of religions and cultures. The better known the person being buried is, the larger the funeral procession, for example at state or military funerals. The accompanying music plays a particularly important role: it ranges from funeral marches composed in a minor key to traditional lamentations to lively jazz sounds.

A dream about a funeral procession can be eerie or frightening. After all, death is at the center of the event. The dream may remember someone who died recently and whom they knew well. For the interpretation of the dream symbol, the dreamer’s current life situation is just as important as the emotions that he feels in connection with his dream.

Dream symbol “corpse” – the general interpretation

Although the dream symbol “corpse” initially brings to mind death and sadness, in dream interpretation it is understood as a positive signal. Anyone who sees a funeral procession passing by in a dream will be able to see one in the foreseeable future heritage calculate.

The symbol is also interpreted this way if the dreamer himself is walking in the mourning party. Maybe the person’s death is actually very close to him, but people are still usually happy about an inheritance, especially if it is something that reminds them of the deceased.

In dream interpretation, the funeral procession can also indicate an upcoming event marriage Clues. It is possible that the dream symbol heralds an advantageous development regarding the professional career an.

In popular dream interpretation, a funeral procession in a dream generally represents wealth and happiness; for people in a stable relationship it means an addition to the family.

Dream symbol “corpse” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, a funeral procession is a dream symbol of the end of a certain phase. It symbolizes the beginning and end of two at the same time Stages of life. With the chapter that is now closing, something new begins. In such a dream, emotions such as sadness about the past, but also curiosity and hope for the future can play a role.

In dream interpretation, the funeral procession can also bury something that our subconscious has wanted to get rid of for a long time: fears and Insecurities for example, that put a strain on our psyche.

Dream symbol “mortuary” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the dream symbol “corpse” embodies crossing and Rebirth. In dream interpretation, the funeral procession is associated with death, pain and loss. This can refer to separation from a person, but also to saying goodbye to a life situation.

However, something new is born out of pain and death is a symbol of change and renovation stands, the funeral procession in the dream can definitely be understood as a positive dream symbol.

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