Flooding – dream interpretation

People are also repeatedly threatened by flooding in various areas of Germany. Heavy rainfall can cause rivers to overflow their banks. The masses of water flood entire regions. People can often only watch helplessly as all their belongings sink into the water. But your own life can also be in danger. When the floods come in unexpectedly and people and animals no longer have time to get to safety.

In dream interpretation, the dream image “flooding” can be interpreted in different ways and often has a direct connection to our emotional world.

Dream symbol “flooding” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, experiencing a flood can indicate imminent contact with an intrusive person.

If you watch helplessly as people get injured or die during the flood because they could not escape the masses of water from a tidal wave, this dream situation portends great things Grief also in waking life. You may suffer a loss that throws you completely off track and makes you question the meaning of life.

A flood can be interpreted positively if it inundates a wide area with crystal-clear water. This is the announcement for the dreamer greater Profit at,. After difficult and arduous times, this finally helps him to achieve the carefree feeling he longed for.

A flood with cloudy water, on the other hand, is a warning Streit and The conflict. The dreamer should also be careful if there are people in his life who repeatedly bring their own needs to his attention. Even if you have always been helpful and concerned about the well-being of others, you should now take a closer look. Think carefully about who really needs your help and who is simply shamelessly taking advantage of your good nature.

Dream symbol “flooding” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream researchers, the dream image of “flooding” indicates Too much feelings which the dreamer suppresses and represses out of fear that they could flood him. For the dreamer, this can mean that he should no longer try to keep these emotions under the surface and in secret. If he does, at some point the feelings will flood him so powerfully that he will lose all control.

In this context, dreaming of a flood shows that you are well aware of these aspects. However, the fear of an uncontrolled emotional outburst is currently still the driving force that dominates the subliminal feelings. However, it is only a matter of time before the dams break and the water floods every little corner.

If you are fleeing from a flood in your dreams, you are often on it in the real world too Escape in front of yourself. If you observe a flood without much emotional involvement, this indicates strong self-absorption in dream interpretation. The dreamer is aware of what is happening around him, but is so busy with himself that he cannot deal emotionally with anything else.

Dream symbol “flooding” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image “flooding” symbolizes this in a spiritual interpretation End of a section and the beginning of something new. Old issues are washed away, the water cleanses and clears the way for a new beginning.

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