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Dreams in which we can suddenly rise into the air are very common. Humans can only imitate the abilities of animals such as birds with the help of technical devices. Even being able to fly on our own is something that remains out of reach for us. Maybe that’s why so many people want exactly this one skill and process their longing for flying in their dreams. However, it doesn’t always just stop at us whizzing through the air in a controlled manner.

Sometimes we are just floating, perhaps only just above the ground or unable to control our speed or direction. Such dreams have their own meaning and are not necessarily the same as dreams about flying.

But how do you interpret the dream symbol “floating”?

Dream symbol “floating” – the general interpretation

In many cases, floating in a dream (unlike Icarus) is considered a good omen for the future. According to the general opinion, it shows that the person concerned Obstacles can overcome and in this way achieve his goals in life.

This is especially true for dreams in which floating is perceived as pleasant. If you are only just above the ground, the interpretation primarily includes smaller hurdles that stand in the dreamer’s way in everyday life and which he can overcome without much effort.

The dream of floating in a direction that cannot be influenced is also seen as a sign that the person concerned is currently simply lets drift. In this case, he is working less towards a specific goal in the current phase of life. Rather, he lets things happen to him and waits to see where it takes him. This goes with deeper emotional Relaxation and relaxation.

However, in the long term, the dreamer should be careful not to allow himself to be influenced too much by the events and those around him. There comes a point where he has to take his life into his own hands and make a decision.

Dream symbol “floating” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “float” is an expression of a longing for Freedom. The person affected wants an absolutely self-determined life, without constraints, pressure and also without authorities. If he floats in the specific dream situation without being able to influence or control the direction, this shows that he is subconscious processes opens. He gets to know himself again on this level.

Many psychoanalysts also understand floating in dreams as exclusive Sexual Symbol. In this context, floating also symbolizes longed-for freedom and the desire for fulfillment.

Dream symbol “floating” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual dream, floating indicates one Experience which is done outside the body, i.e. on a spiritual level.

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