Flashlight – dream interpretation

It’s dark and the power is out. What now?

In addition to candles, a flashlight is certainly the first choice to provide yourself with a little light. While candles can flicker or go out while running, this is not a problem for a flashlight. It can be used to illuminate the path well.

Flashlight - dream interpretation

Depending on the size and brightness of the flashlight, it can not only illuminate specific points, but even cover a larger area. For speleologists, camping enthusiasts and professional divers, a flashlight is usually indispensable.

You can find out how to interpret the flashlight in dreams in the following article.

Dream symbol “flashlight” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “flashlight” is understood as a hint to the dreamer that he should symbolically bring “light” into a half-silk thing, that is clarity.

Especially if the sleeper shines a flashlight in the dream, he should be in the waking world findings to use in a specific matter. However, if the dreamer tries to turn on light with a broken flashlight, his efforts in the waking world will be in vain. He will share his knowledge, but this will not lead to the desired success either.

The mere sight of a flashlight as a dream symbol indicates doubtful or unclear circumstances. The dreamer should take this with him in waking life Caution encounter. If the dreamer turns on a flashlight in the dream, he will receive help in a difficult situation or help another person.

A very bright flashlight as a dream symbol is a symbol of a happy state of harmony. If, on the other hand, the flashlight shines only slightly in the dream world, this illustrates blockages in the soul.

If the light of the flashlight goes out in the dream, the dreamer is shown that his Soul life doesn’t know any advice about a particular matter in the waking world. The dreamer should seek help and support from other people in waking life.

Dream symbol “flashlight” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the dream symbol only gives the dream “flashlight”. little leadership and wisdom in the waking world. Just as the flashlight only illuminates a small area in a dream, the dreamer will only see a small part of a problem or issue in waking life. Most of it will remain unclear to him.

The small hand lamp in the dream can also be used as a “Light of Consciousness be understood. The dreamer should become aware of a problem or a difficult situation through his dream. However, it will only ever be able to solve this in small parts and not in its entirety all at once.

If the dreamer switches on a flashlight in the dream and it does not burn, one will appear in the waking world Expectation not fulfill. Saying goodbye to a long-held hope can also be hidden behind this dream situation.

Dream symbol “flashlight” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “flashlight” only brings one thing little insight in the spiritual realm.

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