Fir tree – dream interpretation

The fir is the third most common coniferous tree found in the forests after the spruce and pine.

There are around 45 different types of fir trees that grow in the northern hemisphere. In our latitudes, the silver fir is most common, which is also commonly referred to as the “noble fir”. But the noble or silver fir is actually a very unique species.

In addition to a visit to a forest or a park, we especially encounter fir trees at Christmas time. The branches are often used to make Advent wreaths or for other decorative purposes. But of course the fir tree is an indispensable Christmas tree. Here it can be festively decorated and show off all its splendour.

Dream symbol “fir tree” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the dream image of the fir tree primarily as a sign of Amenities and happy hours. In addition, the dreamer will probably soon be able to look forward to a good position in the professional area and will also enjoy a high reputation in his private life.

A single fir tree in a dream can indicate meeting a person who will prove to be straightforward and honest. The sight of several fir trees often promises one quiet satisfaction. As a dream image, a forest full of fir trees primarily illustrates a good state of health, but can also indicate something that has begun, which will prove to be positive and stabilizing for the sleeper.

If you cut down a fir tree with an ax or a chainsaw in your dream, you may be in for a treat Problems in love matters. You should deal with these and not push them aside.

Generally speaking, pine cones as a dream symbol often announce a random event, which will turn out to be pleasant and pleasant. Since the pine cone also contains the seeds of the fir tree, it can be used as a symbol for fertility be understood. If the pine cones hang on the tree, you may soon experience a surprise. Finding cones on the floor while sleeping can indicate that one will experience something pleasant by chance.

As a dream image, pine needles often promise stable health and a long life. Green fir branches can be on positive experiences and interpret the fulfillment of some wishes. However, dried fir branches often cause arguments and trouble.

Dream symbol “fir tree” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the fir tree is interpreted as a phallic symbol during sleep. Through such dream content, the dreamer is supposed to have his sexual desires and become aware of needs.

As a dream symbol, the fir tree can also symbolize the sleeper’s desire for harmony and joy in the small and quiet things of everyday life. In many cases, a tall fir tree in sleep promises a long life.

If you see a fir tree as a Christmas tree in a dream, this is often a sign of satisfaction viewed in family matters. According to psychological dream analysis, as a Christmas tree, the fir tree can represent the dreamer’s longing for his childlike light-heartedness.

Dream symbol “fir tree” – the spiritual interpretation

Seen in the sense of a tree, the dream symbol “fir tree” can refer to the Life energy of the dreamer.

A strong, healthy Christmas tree can illustrate a strong life force, while a sick tree can indicate a weakness in this area.

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