Fight – dream interpretation

Fighting has shaped the coexistence of humans and animals since time immemorial. In our society, people fight at work or in public spaces. You fight as a pair, fist against fist, or in a revolution with a rebellious mass of people. In wars there are firefights and attacks that claim many lives.

The attack with words, large and small intrigues and meanness are the weapons of modern civilization. Sports competition, such as football or handball, is a socially accepted form of expressing aggression and asserting one’s own position of power.

The fascination that, for example, wrestling matches, boxing matches or wrestling exert on broad sections of the audience shows how archaic people still are at the core of their being. A ninja or a samurai from ancient Japan mastered the Asian martial arts to perfection and was a dangerous opponent – even today there are myths surrounding the mysterious, hooded fighters who could move at lightning speed.

A dream about a fight is always accompanied by great inner tension and excitement, regardless of whether you seem to be the winner or the defeated. You combine all your strengths and your adrenaline levels rise. The fear of succumbing is great.

In order to find out the meaning of the dream with the help of dream interpretation, the details and the real life situation should be taken into account. Now read how fight dreams can manifest themselves and what they mean:

Dream symbol “fight” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Fighting against yourself – an unfair dream experience?

If the dreamer fights against himself in his sleep experience, he tries to look at himself from the outside. The person affected assesses his actions as impartially as possible. Sometimes the dream image of fighting against oneself shows a major inner conflict that the dreamer is currently fighting. The dispute can arise, for example, from a decision that cannot be made clearly. Pent-up anger can also express itself in this dream symbol. If the person fighting in the dream shows injuries, he is making a big mistake in reality.

Animals challenge the dreamer: ring free!

Fight against lion, help! The Interpretation of Dreams

A fight against a lion experienced while sleeping symbolizes the dreamer’s inner conflict with his violent and instinctual parts of his personality. When awake, the sleeping person runs the risk of harming themselves and losing friends through too much harshness.

The dream symbol “fighting a lion” can also indicate that the person affected should curb their energy and drive so that they do not influence their life too much. If the sleeper defeats the big cat, he will most likely be successful in his endeavors in the waking world.

A snake is attacking me! A real nightmare…

Anyone who fights a snake in a dream may currently have to deal with some opponents in real life. Under certain circumstances, the sleeping person can become a victim of lies and backbiting in the waking world. Through the dreamed fight against the snake, the person concerned comes to terms with the realization that some of his fellow human beings are not well disposed towards him.

The dreamed victory over the reptile indicates upcoming successes in waking life; In most cases, the defeat warns that in reality it is better to stay in the background and not to offer a target for attack.

Fight against mythical creatures, monsters & aliens in the dream world

Monster alert! Fight dreamer vs. monster

The dreamed fight with a monster represents the difficulty of dealing with a challenge in real life. This can affect both the private and professional areas of the sleeping person’s life.

If the person affected loses the fight with the monster in the dream, this circumstance usually also predicts defeat in their waking life. However, if he defeats the dreamed monster, success will probably soon be achieved even in his waking state.

A demon calls for battle. A dream interpretation

According to dream analysis, a violent altercation usually indicates a conflict. The dream symbol “fighting a demon” is usually a sign of an internal problem. The dreamer may try to change his living conditions because they are not good for him. Or he no longer wants to let bad habits dictate his behavior.

In some cases, the demon that is being fought in the dream also reflects actual abuse, fears, or drug use from the past. The dream symbol is then a sign of processing.

Typical devil: Beelzebub wants to fight with me in a dream

Within dream analysis, the devil often embodies those emotions and longings that the dreamer rejects in the conscious world. He realized that his actions in waking life were sometimes controlled by these denied desires.

As a dream situation, the fight against Lucifer also means having to deal with your false passions. The sleeper should ask himself whether his lifestyle is the right one. If you don’t control yourself in time, you can have health problems. If you recognize a familiar person in the dreamed devil, you should avoid contact in reality.

Hex, hex… “Fight against witch” as a dream situation

In dream interpretation, the dreamed fight with a witch represents a specific confrontation in real life. It is understood as an invitation to assert oneself against the real adversary. If the dreamer runs away from a witch, he apparently does not believe that he can win major conflicts in waking life.

If the sleeper observes how other people fight against a magician in the dream, the inner conflict of the female parts of his personality should be illustrated to him. Strong physical desire is also probably being fought and held back at the moment.

Alien attack! Aliens attack dream Earth

Anyone who fights against aliens in a dream obviously doesn’t always adhere to social customs in reality. Sleepers sometimes feel the inner tension of having to reconcile two different needs: they want to meet the expectations of the outside world, but also want to live out their personal, somewhat unusual idiosyncrasies.

The dream symbol “Fighting Alien” is also a reminder not to reject people simply because of their difference. Because at second glance, the strange may turn out to be interesting and profitable. A UFO attack in which you do not come into direct contact with the aliens is a warning not to lose sight of reality.

Dream symbol “fight” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “fight” represents one Conflict, which is solved in a violent way. The dreamer may have to deal with a certain situation in real life and has the feeling that he is not defending himself sufficiently.

If you dream of a collision with your partner, this does not automatically mean in dream interpretation that love is over. Maybe there are just unspoken disagreements or the dreamer feels neglected by a third person.

Often the battle in the dream is actually about professional matters Competition. The dream symbol can be an indication of your own combative nature: you are able to assert yourself. In the family area, a fight in dream interpretation is often an indication of a personal one insult. The dream may fear that it will not be respected.

Being involved in a fight or a physical fight in a dream, perhaps as a result of having annoyed someone else, indicates the danger of a business situation in the dream interpretation confrontation with opponents or even a court case. If you lose in the dispute, the dream symbol represents the loss of property rights.

A duel is an ancient form of combat that usually involves a specific matter that is decided by death. Anyone who experiences such a fight with pistols or sabers in a dream should also imagine this in reality Streit guard. In addition, the dreamer should take good care of his loved ones in the near future.

If you dream of a fight in a book or film, such as in the Harry Potter novels, you will probably be able to overcome the difficulties that arise through your bravery.

However, if you dream that you are standing on a battlefield, perhaps as part of a regiment or wearing a protective mask, it means that you will be able to help yourself out of great difficulties. Fighting in a trench in a dream can also be interpreted in this way. If you see an arena in a dream, you are mentally preparing yourself for arduous work. If you watch a fight, the dream symbol stands for in dream interpretation Schadenfreude.

If the dreamer goes into battle in his dream as a knight with armor, he usually wants to protect himself against another in the waking world.

Dream symbol “fight” – the psychological interpretation

Fighting is a dream symbol for mental conflicts of the dreamer. He may be burdened by differences or disputes with people in his immediate environment. In dream interpretation, however, the dream is not understood as an invitation to seek comparison with others. Rather, the dreamer should become aware of what exactly is on his mind. A fight can also symbolize an internal conflict when two opposing Essential characteristics of the dreamer throw him off balance.

The dream symbol “fight” may also express someone who is oppressed in real life Wut out of. Unconscious aggression can relate to other people, but also to inadequacies in one’s own personality. The details of the dream are crucial for dream interpretation.

If the dreamer takes an active part in the fighting, his subconscious is signaling to him that in real life he is quite capable of defending himself against a certain situation.

If the role of the dreamer is rather passive and he just watches the fight, the dream should ask him to be more active in order to achieve his goals Interests to enforce.

Dream symbol “fight” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “fight” points to one spiritual conflict there. Instead of trying to assert yourself by all means, the dreamer should find out the causes of the confrontation and look for solutions.

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