Fainting – dream interpretation

Fainting or losing consciousness can have many causes. An illness can take such a toll on us that our circulation weakens, we become dizzy and our legs can no longer support us. For example, during an epileptic seizure. Someone with evil intentions can give us knockout drops so that we suddenly become very sleepy and eventually unconscious or at least weak-willed.

Grief and worry can also have such a psychological impact on us that our consciousness feels overwhelmed, we faint and sleep from one second to the next. Even though most people find sinking to the ground unconscious a rather unpleasant idea, fainting is a kind of protective function of the body.

But we can also experience powerlessness as a kind of inability to act. The powerlessness does not manifest itself in a fit of weakness in which one falls over, but in us as a feeling of complete powerlessness. Terrible situations can put us in such a state of powerlessness and make us completely unable to react, like physical fainting.

But what does dream interpretation say about when we lose control in a dream? Not only the fainting itself, but also the path to unconsciousness is experienced by many dreamers in their sleep. First, you will find out what fainting means as a dream image; We would then like to introduce you to the general dream interpretation of “fainting”.

Dream symbol “fainting” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Fainting in a dream – the feeling of slipping away…

Behind the emerging faint in the dream there is often a real feeling of being overwhelmed. The dreamer is helpless when faced with a thing or a person in waking life because he has no ability to influence it. Interpreted positively, the dream symbol “fainting” can refer to a surprising event that will delight the dreamer in the near future.

If you fall unconscious in a wrestling match or boxing, there is probably an internal conflict.

Dream symbol “fainting” – the general interpretation

In the general interpretation of dreams, the fainting symbolizes ours helplessness and inability to act. Maybe you feel powerless in the face of a life situation, so to speak, and can only watch and do nothing, even though you would like to take action.

Other interpretations may see the dream image of fainting as something unexpected heritage come to us or a gift, yes, you can even expect a surprise Declaration of love hope.

If it is not us but other people who fall into unconsciousness, the dream image of falling over can be interpreted as meaning that these people are harassing us in a rather unpleasant way and want to get close to us. Maybe you see a connection here with some clumsy people you’ve met recently?

A young woman who suddenly appears in a dream and has a dizzy spell and faints symbolizes disappointments and poor health for the dreamer. An unconscious drunkard can warn in his sleep about bad behavior in reality.

Dream symbol “fainting” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image of “fainting” is closely related to lack of power individual responsibility and the inability to take action. Here you should take a close look at your own living circumstances.

If a dreamer regularly has black vision during his sleep events, he may be suffering from mental overload or a state of exhaustion and in this way is also taking refuge in illness in real life in order to finally be able to withdraw and recover.

Unconscious processes such as these are particularly evident in our dreams fears and Fears. Through them – as here with the dream image of fainting – our soul makes itself noticeable and wants to bring things into our consciousness that we are perhaps only too happy to repress in everyday life. Who likes to admit that they are overwhelmed with their work? Or that the boss accuses you of being incompetent? And the constant anger with your partner – everyone goes through that at some point and it gets better, somehow…

But our body cannot be deceived. He probably takes what he hears through our thoughts. But so do the feelings that become palpable with these very thoughts. The head says “It’s not that bad”but the body feels “I can’t do any of this anymore”.

Anyone who wakes up at night because they lost consciousness and fainted in a dream should first take a deep breath and perhaps pay less attention to their thoughts than their feelings in the future.

Dream symbol “fainting” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the person who dreams of fainting is not about “power” or “powerlessness.” Man has this consciousness that whispers to him that he has power or not. But power and powerlessness are both born of Angst and desire and the apparent separation from the rest of the world. Our ego consciousness always believes that control have to protect and defend themselves.

When we speak of power and powerlessness on the spiritual path, we must first recognize that there is an ego inherent in both, with which Structure we should deal with each other.

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