Embrasure – dream interpretation

Embrasures can be found on fortifications such as medieval castles or fortresses from the 19th and 20th centuries. They can also be found on palisades.

Embrasure - dream interpretation

Notches serve to provide a shooter with secure cover when using his weapon. From the outside, an embrasure looks like a narrow slit in the thick wall of a castle. On the inside, the niche behind it offers enough space to point a bow, crossbow or even a cannon at the target.

When touring the castle, the panoramic view you get through an embrasure is a special experience, especially since you can’t be seen from the outside.

If someone dreams of an embrasure, they may be experiencing an attack on a fortress. Perhaps he himself defends the facility in a dream as a soldier or warrior. But he may also be one of the attackers and fight against an almost invisible opponent. There are several different aspects to consider when interpreting dreams.

Dream symbol “arrow slit” – the general interpretation

A fortress is a defensive structure. The dream symbol “arrow slit” is a symbol of oneself in dream interpretation Protection mechanism. The dreamer probably feels attacked and harassed in real life. That’s why he looks for a safe place in his dream. The embrasure offers him protection and cover.

In dream interpretation, this can be an indication that the dreamer may be putting himself in the foreground too often in everyday life, thereby making himself vulnerable. On the other hand, the dream symbol can be understood as a request to overcome one’s own insecurity.

However, you can not only hide in an embrasure, it also offers the opportunity to attack someone from a protected position. If you dream of shooting at an opponent with a weapon from there, the dream symbol is, according to dream interpretation, a sign of Conflicts and difficulties. The dreamer would like to erase certain aspects of his life, perhaps a specific grief or general worries.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “arrow slit” embodies the defensiveness of the dreamer. A dream of an attack on the fortress in which the dream is located is a warning against fraud and intentions to deceive.

Dream symbol “arrow slit” – the psychological interpretation

A castle is difficult to take and is therefore considered the epitome of it Security. The dreamer can specifically attack a person from an embrasure without putting himself in immediate danger.

In psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol is seen as a symbol of a pronounced need for protection and care, as well as the urge to do something destroy. The dreamer wants to subconsciously, but still clearly calculated, eliminate unwanted emotions and urges. In the dream he also defends himself against external influences that he perceives as coercion.

In dream interpretation, the fortress is also an indication of loneliness and isolation as well as the feeling of not being valuable. The dream symbol “arrow slit” embodies fears and insecurities that are hidden in the subconscious. The fight for the fortress that provides security in the dream illustrates this difficulties between the personality of the dreamer and his living environment.

If the facility is destroyed by the embrasure despite all defensive efforts, the dream symbol reflects the loss of self-confidence according to the psychological interpretation of the dream.

Dream symbol “arrow slit” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, a fortress embodies the Great Mother Earth. In dream interpretation, it represents a protected space in which the dreamer can develop and express himself mentally.

The dream symbol “arrow slit” indicates the danger of one spiritual threat there. Defending one’s mental space is a test. If the dreamer passes this, he will reach deeper knowledge.

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