embarrassing – dream interpretation

There are people for whom you might think that nothing is embarrassing at all. No matter what mishap happens to them or what faux pas they make, the feeling of embarrassment seems foreign to them. And if you look around, especially in the world of celebrities and celebrities, it seems as if some people want to attract unpleasant attention from others through their appearance or behavior. While you might want to sink into the ground with embarrassment, there is obviously no upper limit to the level of embarrassment for these people.

Of course, what we find embarrassing is very different for everyone. Some people find nothing wrong with nudism, i.e. public nudity and the showing of buttocks and genitals, while other people would feel extremely uncomfortable with it. Some burp and smack their lips loudly and uninhibitedly at the table, while for others this would simply be very, very embarrassing.

What embarrasses us often has to do with a lack of self-confidence, cultural background and/or upbringing and in some cases is perceived completely differently by outsiders. But what about dream situations in which we feel embarrassed? How do you best interpret such dreams from the perspective of the different levels?

Dream symbol “embarrassing” – the general interpretation

From the general point of view of dream interpreters, the dream image is fundamentally “embarrassing”. positives Symbol to understand. It shows that other people treat us with respect and respect in real life.

If we are embarrassed by something in a dream and blush, this also indicates that we view the classic social norms critically and often feel restricted by them. It is very likely that the dreamer is a person who has been impressed and guided by these old and conservative ideas for too long, but who has now managed to live the way he wants – even if this is sometimes perceived as embarrassing by others .

For accurate dream analysis, it is also important to remember how the embarrassing situation in the dream came about and which person is the center of attention. It is also possible that we ourselves observe something in a dream and find it embarrassing on behalf of the person doing it. According to dream researchers, anyone who experiences this in a dream should have their own in real life moral values check and ask yourself whether he is holding himself to what he expects from others.

Dream symbol “embarrassing” – the psychological interpretation

A lot of things can be embarrassing for us. In dreams it often happens that we see ourselves standing naked in public. We don’t know how we got there and we certainly don’t know why we don’t wear clothes. People blatantly stare at us as we try to hide our most intimate areas with our hands.

Such dream contents that are experienced as embarrassing are usually an expression of one deep rejection of your own body, which you hardly notice on a conscious level.

Other dream situations in which we experience something about our body as embarrassing are often an accurate reflection of the self-doubt that exists in waking life. The dreamer should learn to love himself more – after all, everyone has beautiful sides to themselves.

From the perspective of psychological dream interpreters, the dream image “embarrassing” sometimes appears even when you always try to hide your true self from the world. There are usually reasons for this Angst from rejection and rejection.

Dream symbol “embarrassing” – the spiritual interpretation

Experiencing or feeling something embarrassing in a dream shows the dreamer that he has not completely opened himself up to the experiences of the spiritual world and that he has not shared them with them Reserved is opposite.

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