Egg | What does an egg mean in a dream?

For many, the origin of life lies in the egg. Not least because of the philosophical question of which existed first – the egg or the chicken? What is certain is that the egg forms a perfect biological system to provide both protection and nourishment to developing life in the early stages of its existence.

The yolk of a chicken egg, for example, contains valuable, energy-rich reserve substances that provide the small embryo with nutrients until it is large enough as a chick to break the eggshell and hatch in the nest. The continuous supply of heat also plays a major role in the development of the offspring in the egg, which is why egg-laying animals usually breed.

The eggs laid by some animal species serve as a source of food for humans because they provide valuable proteins. We especially like to eat chicken eggs cooked, peeled and peeled. As a baking ingredient, we beat them into a dough or process them raw into scrambled eggs. We pour a batter made from eggs, flour and milk into the hot pan and look forward to fresh pancakes or crepes.

At Easter we color the egg, cook it with an egg timer, paint it elaborately and decorate it; Throwing eggs at Easter is a popular custom in many regions of Germany. In China, the rotten egg is even considered a delicacy; a duck egg is marinated and fermented for 100 days in a mixture of clay, water, salt, lime juice and herbs. The result is a black egg that tastes very aromatic.

How does the dream interpretation interpret the symbol “egg”? What interpretations are there for this dream symbol? Find out more below

Dream symbol “egg” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The fried egg. A delicious dream experience!

In the dream world it regularly happens that a fried egg with a beautiful yellow yolk plays an important role. Such a dream wants to make the dreamer understand that he has certain abilities, which he has probably not yet discovered in himself. Here it is important to embark on a journey of discovery based on your own abilities!

Dream symbol “egg” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “egg” is a hint to the dreamer that he should become aware of his abilities. In the egg in the dream it rests, so to speak Life energy of the dreamer. In general dream interpretation, there are a number of dream situations that can be interpreted in different ways. The sight or possession of an egg in a dream represents in the general dream interpretation wealthsuccess in future endeavors and domestic Harmony.

If the dreamer finds the dream symbol egg while sleeping, he can expect a strong bond with another person in the waking world. An engagement or marriage cannot be ruled out either.

Discovering a nest with eggs in a dream brings the dreaming money, possibly even an inheritance, and Profits in the near future. By buying eggs while sleeping, the dreamer receives discounts in his waking life. If the dreamer sees a very large egg in the dream or holds it in his hand, then this indicates a beneficial experience for him.

Eating an egg in a dream brings the dreamer stable and good health as well as profit in the waking world. A beautiful chocolate egg in your sleep means that the dreamer will soon meet a noble lady or a philanderer.

The color of the eggs is also important for the general interpretation of dreams. Colorful eggs in a dream symbolize a large group of children. If the dream symbol egg is colored red, this indicates, on the one hand, a death or quarrels among friends, and, on the other hand, a possible fire. A yellow egg in a dream can be seen as the foreshadowing of one Illness be interpreted.

Other general possible interpretations of the dream symbol egg are:

  • Dropping an egg: Arguments and gossip are ahead, but setbacks must also be dealt with
  • seeing freshly broken eggs: luck favors the dreamer; his joy of life and his sense of justice contribute to his popularity
  • see rotten broken eggs: quarrels or losses
  • watching a chicken lay an egg: good news arrives
  • Opening an egg and finding a chick inside: a lottery win is possible or other prizes are on the horizon
  • Watching a chick hatch from an egg: a happy event within the family improves the current life situation
  • Taking the egg out of the nest means a blessing of children for the dreamer
  • Seeing bird eggs: portends an inheritance from distant relatives
  • Looking for Easter eggs: soon love affair
  • Rotten egg: Gossip and slander for the dreamer, which can also lead to the loss of his wealth
  • Throwing a bad egg at another person: a wrong committed will come back to you and take revenge
  • being pelted with eggs: the dream may be persecuted
  • be soiled with eggs: the dreamer brags too much about successes from dubious transactions
  • A basket full of eggs: profitable deals are concluded
  • Make an egg dish: an interesting person will invite the dreamer
  • Making an omelette from eggs: new acquaintances
  • Whisking eggs: someone is putting more strain on the dreamer than normal
  • Egg tart: stands for enthusiasm, merit and development
  • Spoiled egg dishes: possible discord in the family
  • boiled egg: brings joy to the dreamer
  • Protein snow for marshmallows: you can now indulge in the sweet side of life.

Dream symbol “egg” – the psychological interpretation

Interpreted psychologically, the dream symbol egg symbolizes life and fertility as well as rebirth. At the same time, it also stands for something new or changing.

Basically, the dream symbol egg usually has a positive meaning in the psychological interpretation of dreams. In addition, the egg in the dream is linked to the dreamer’s insight that hectic times must also be followed by moments of peace and reflection. Only in this way can the dreamer process his experiences in the waking world and sort them correctly into his life.

Dream symbol “egg” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol egg primarily represents Germ cell of life. In addition, the egg in the dream symbolizes the dreamer’s ability to achieve perfection.

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