Earthworm – dream interpretation

Earthworms are very welcome in most gardens. They feed on plant waste and always dig through different layers of soil. In this way, they loosen the soil, aerate it and help the plants and flowers grow healthily. At the same time, rainworms are also used to catch fish with a fishing rod.

In addition to these functions, animals can also play a role in dream interpretation. But how exactly can the earthworm be interpreted as a dream symbol? Let’s now take a look at the most important aspects of interpretation:

Dream symbol “earthworm” – the general interpretation

Basically, earthworms can do different things in dreams Enemies or Opponent symbolize from real life. It is possible that the person affected often behaves recklessly and tries too often to only assert their own interests. He should also try to pay more attention to his fellow human beings, to pay attention to them, to take care of them.

Otherwise, the affected person will ultimately be completely alone and surrounded only by people who are not well disposed towards them. It is important to remember that others also have needs and achievements that should be appreciated

At the same time, the earthworm in the dream can also have more positive meanings. If the dream situation is perceived as pleasant, this can be a symbol of one happy time be in the life of the person affected, as well as for them Friendswho are at his side. It is questionable, however, whether these friends will still support the dreamer when worse times come. The general consensus is that now is a good time to question this.

Anyone who looks for an earthworm in a dream or needs it for something, for example fishing, will have a lot in the near future successful be. The dreamer will make big profits, but should be careful not to be too reckless in achieving these successes.

Dream symbol “earthworm” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the earthworm in the dream indicates that the person affected is in a process of change located. His subconscious is actively working on it Reprocessing certain repressed (negative) experiences and uses the symbol to ask the dreamer to consciously deal with them.

Perhaps he should also seek a direct confrontation in real life, at least as far as this is possible, for example if an important conversation with another person is still pending. According to some psychoanalysts, if he follows this request from his subconscious, he will finally be able to leave the burdens of the past behind him and take the next step on his life’s path more carefree and freely.

Dream symbol “earthworm” – the spiritual interpretation

At this level of interpretation of the dream symbol, the earthworm can mean various things spiritual changes that are waiting for the dreamer in the near future and that he has to master.

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