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They come in large or small, close-fitting or protruding, pointed or round – our ears. The sensory organ is there to capture sound waves, analyze noises and pass them on to our brain. The human ear is also responsible for balance. The sensory organ is poorly developed compared to the hearing ability of many animals: high sound frequencies such as ultrasound, for example, are not perceptible to humans, but this is not a problem for the ears of dogs, dolphins and bats.

Some people do not hear since birth because parts of the ears were not fully developed in the embryonic stage. Since they cannot hear, deaf people – previously called deaf-mutes – usually have difficulty speaking, or at least it sounds unusual to most people. After all, they don’t hear their own voice or that of others to learn to speak as a child. Sign language or lip reading can be a great help in getting along well in everyday life.

Women like to decorate them with beautiful earrings; the younger generation nowadays prefers to stretch their earlobes and make them particularly large and eye-catching with so-called tunnels.

But anyone who thinks that they are dealing with a new trend among our youth is far from the truth. Even in ancient cultures – such as the Egyptians – mummies were found with expanded earlobes. And if you take a closer look at a Buddha statue, you will notice that he also has quite large earlobes. Animals such as the earwig or a slap in the face are also often associated with ears.

In many peoples the ears symbolize a certain status. Here, the type of jewelry in the ear or the size of the earlobes indicate what status one has in one’s tribe. In some cultures they are part of the initialization ritual.

The dream symbol “ear” also stands for very different aspects in dreams. Read all aspects of this exciting dream image below!

Dream symbol “ear” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Blood running out of the ear, oh no! A fear dream

If you have blood running out of your ear in a dream, you may have to prepare for difficulties in reality. The sleeper should act carefully and not too trustingly. It can be a serious warning if the blood in the dream is completely fresh. Then the dreamer has to take better care of himself in reality in order to prevent any illness. Bleeding in the ear canal in the world of sleep can be an invitation to listen more to your feelings in real life and to come into balance with your innermost being.

Dream symbol “ear” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream image “ear” is seen as an invitation to his emotions to pay more attention – “hearing”. If you dream of very large ears, similar to the spoons of a rabbit – people will be sympathetic to your concerns and will give you “open ears”.

Clean yourself your eavesdropping is Caution commanded, this warns against slander. In this context, the dream symbol also represents an indication to listen more closely to important matters and not to make hasty decisions.

Further interpretations for the dream image “ear”:

  • Clogged ears: injustice can happen to you
  • Clean your ear and remove earwax: be careful in a particular matter, the rumor mill is churning
  • remove hair on the ear with tweezers: you should pay attention to the details of a particular thing
  • be pulled by the ear: this is intended to remind you of a promise that you should definitely keep
  • beautifully shaped ears: you will achieve satisfaction in your life
  • many ears: an indication of great unrest in one’s own environment
  • injured ears: you will have a painful experience
  • Cutting off or knocking off an ear: a friendship ends.

Dream symbol “ear” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the ear as a dream image can indicate that you may be very receptive to Influence are through other people. It’s worth listening twice and perhaps questioning more critically whether what’s being whispered to you is actually true. Maybe someone consciously just wants to achieve a specific goal.

In our dream experiences, the dream symbol “ear” can also appear as an oversized and listening image. Anyone who sees their hearing organ in this way in their dream may have a tendency to listen too deeply in their own life. In principle, dealing with mental life is a good thing. However, one should not try to immediately analyze everything that one perceives at this level down to the smallest detail.

The dream of the “ear” can also warn the dreamer not to be too gullible and to believe everything that is told to him from outside, especially if something is whispered in his ear. The person affected should work on improving their… Stand point to represent themselves better and not to be unsettled so quickly by other opinions.

In addition, ear dreams can also be an expression of health problems in the area of ​​the hearing organ. Here it is important to include your own situation in the dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “ear” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the symbol ear represents our seat Ge­dächtnisses. This is where people’s memories lie, their past with the most memorable events and experiences that made them what they are today.

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