Eagle owl – dream interpretation

The eagle owl is one of our native bird species and, with a size of up to 75 centimeters, is the largest owl species in the world. Female eagle owls are significantly larger than males, weighing up to four kilograms and their wingspan can be up to a remarkable 180 centimeters.

Another typical feature is that an eagle owl can turn its head up to 270 degrees and therefore hardly anything escapes its keen gaze. Due to its imposing appearance, the eagle owl is also often called the “King of the Night”.

Eagle owl - dream interpretation

The “Bubo bubo”, as it is called by its scientific name, has more than 20 subspecies. Eagle owls are carnivores and nocturnal animals that require little light to navigate in the darkness of the night due to their large, piercing eyes.

Dream symbol “Eagle owl” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, the eagle owl appears quite often in our dreams and, like the owl, stands here as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Traditionally interpreted, the eagle owl can announce to the dreaming that a ancient wisdom soon proved true in himself. A eagle owl chick, a baby owl, warns not to close your eyes to a problem and suppress it.

If you hear an adult eagle owl screaming in a dream, you should pay more attention to your health than usual. There could also be unforeseen expenses or a Loss come towards the dreaming. The eagle owl can also warn him to be more careful with his handling, otherwise he could get into serious trouble.

If an eagle owl flies through the dream world, this can result in a… Family disputes to announce. On the other hand, the appearance of many eagle owls is a sign for the dreamer not to ignore well-intentioned advice, but to think about it seriously, because here he can gain important experiences and learn something instructive.

Dream symbol “Eagle owl” – the psychological interpretation

If an eagle owl appears in our dreams, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, it wants to point out something that is still happening within us in the dark lies.

The dream image “Owl” warns the dreamer to confidently show his entire being on the outside and not to hide behind fears hidden within him. In its capacity as a predator, the eagle owl also embodies the instinctual nature of humans and therefore has a close connection to human beings sexuality. This is about strong feelings and passions that may also worry or very preoccupy the person affected.

The eagle owl can encourage him to follow these emotions, but to act prudently and wisely healthy balance to find between the impulsive and the controlled parts of yourself.

Dream symbol “Eagle owl” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “owl owl” shows us when it comes to the desire for clarity and knowledge goes.

Through its appearance, the eagle owl encourages the dreamer to pay more attention to his inner wisdom Intuition to listen and trust his spiritual guidance.

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