Dream of soul mate | What does it mean? Dream interpretation

Who doesn’t dream of having a soul mate – a person who understands you blindly, with whom you are on the same wavelength, to whom you can confide everything that pleases or burdens you. When you have a soul mate, you usually feel a deep connection with them, even without words. With him you share your thoughts and feelings, but also your wishes, longings and generally your ideas about life.
A soul mate – this can of course be your actual life partner, your wife or your husband. But sometimes it is another person, for example a good acquaintance, your best friend or one of your children – simply someone who inspires you in a special way, who is good for you.

But what does it mean when we meet our soul mate in our dreams? Does this dream image also say something about our own state of mind? This person with whom you feel particularly emotionally connected can meet you in your sleep in very different ways. Find out more about the soul mate dream symbol here.

The most common dreams about the symbol

The favorite person as a dream soul mate – but who is that actually?

Of course the husband of the gods! Dreaming of a husband as a soul mate

If you see your husband as a soul mate in a dream, you can be happy because this is a positive sign. The dream symbol “soul mate husband” tells you that you and your husband are in perfect harmony in your relationship and are made for each other. You feel connected to him deep down inside.

The dream of a husband as a soul mate calls on you to become even more aware of this soul mate in everyday life. Show your husband more often what a great and positive impact he has on your emotions.

Can this work? A strange man as a soul mate in a dream

If, on the other hand, you meet another man or a strange man as your soul mate during your dream, this could be a sign of suppressed longings or unfulfilled wishes, which are expressed in the dream world through the dream symbol “soul mate man”. Basically, the dreamer longs for a person who can empathize with his or her feelings, who provides support and orientation, who stands by the dreaming person in the challenges of life and always supports them. This is often associated with the dreamer’s desire to be stronger in the waking world and to have more self-confidence.

My soul mate – a dream woman

If the dreamed soul mate is a woman, this dream image can indicate that the dreamer would like to reveal his emotions and feelings to someone, but this is not possible in reality.

Perhaps the dreaming person is plagued by feelings of fear or guilt that they have not yet confided in anyone. A female soul mate could help you deal more with such negative emotions. In certain cases, subconscious sexual needs can also be at play when the dream symbol “soul mate woman” appears. The dreamer should ask himself whether he can actually live out his emotions in his relationship the way he wants.
If, on the other hand, your wife appears as a soul mate in a dream, there is no reason to worry: your wife can always understand your emotional feelings; In general, your relationship is characterized by great empathy.

Children as soul partners – dream analysis

Children as soul partners in dreams can indicate the dreaming person’s desire for offspring. Perhaps this has remained unfulfilled so far; then you should definitely talk to your partner about the reasons for this.

In general, the dream image “children’s soulmate” can also indicate that the dreamer may still have unprocessed feelings or emotionally stressful experiences from his childhood that he should discuss with someone he trusts. The dream of children as soul partners can also symbolize the need to initially confide in a completely inexperienced person with one’s feelings.

Dreams of love and friendship with your soul mate

The soul mate as great love – a dream interpretation

If your true love is also your soul mate in a dream, this shows that you and your loved one are exactly on the same wavelength. They understand each other blindly and can also detect each other’s secret wishes and desires. Give this soulmate even more space in your everyday life. Make time for each other.
If you are single and you encounter the dream image “soul mate love” in your sleep, this can mean that you want someone at your side who you can trust completely. To do this, however, it is necessary for you to open up more emotionally to those around you – because perhaps your soul mate is not as far away as you think.

Dreaming of friendship with your soul mate

Friends who you simply can’t fool, who see through you straight away – perhaps a frightening idea for many, but a good sign for the dreamer of the dream symbol “soul mate friendship”: his friendship relationships are on track because he has people he can count on who know exactly what makes him tick. Maybe you feel particularly connected to one of your friends because you simply feel comfortable in his presence, you can talk to him about anything, he understands you in every situation – this is your soul mate, whose friendship you are also reminded of in your dreams.

Great luck: Recognizing and finding the perfect soul mate in a dream – or have already found it

How beautiful: you are slumbering gently – and in your dream you suddenly recognize your soul mate. You find it, just like that – or dream that you have already found it. Such a dream experience tells you that you also have a balanced emotional balance and an intact mental life in the waking world, because you have people around you in whom you can trust unconditionally.

But perhaps you are still looking for the one person with whom you can share everything, including your thoughts and feelings – then the dream of finding your soul mate signals to you that you may soon meet such a person. A new, very intense friendship could be on the horizon. But be honest with yourself: Are you also ready to be such a soul partner for your counterpart?

Dreaming of intimate togetherness – inviting your soul mate

A dream in which you invite your soul mate as a guest is a sign that you are ready to open up to a trusted person with your feelings and emotions and reveal to him the innermost parts of your soul. Conversely, you also want to participate in the mental life of your counterpart and learn more about their – conscious and subconscious – wishes and needs. Such an encounter with your soul mate could be coming soon. Speak directly to the person you want to confide in, because they may not yet suspect that you have a soul mate.

Visit from soul mate: what does this dream mean?

If you receive a visit from your soul mate in a dream, this dreamed experience indicates that you will soon be freed from a heavy inner burden because you can now reveal everything that moves you inside to a person you trust. Maybe you’ve kept your problems and worries to yourself for too long – now it’s time to confide in someone. To do this, you should have the courage to actually let the other person look into the depths of your soul.

When the bells ring – the dream wedding with your soul mate

A marriage in a dream – there couldn’t be a more beautiful dream experience! If the wedding with your soul mate is what you dream about, nothing stands in the way of happiness. This dream symbol tells you that you have someone by your side who is actually your soul mate. But perhaps you haven’t had the courage or confidence to commit to him long-term. Confide in your soul mate more often and more intensively, enjoy discovering the secrets of your soul as a couple – perhaps the other person has been waiting for you to take the decisive step for a long time.

The soul mate – a fleeting companion in the dream

Oh no, my soul mate is escaping in a dream! – Is it my fault?

If you dream that your soul mate is running away or running away, you should ask yourself if there are conflicts or tensions in your relationship that are preventing you from being able to talk openly about your feelings and feelings.

You may have recently had an argument with your boyfriend or husband, or you may have said something that hurt your soulmate inside. Find a conversation! Maybe an apology will help?

Help, my soul mate is kidnapped in a dream! – What am I to do?

Experiencing your soul mate being kidnapped in a dream can be terrifying. But don’t worry, this dream image does not herald the kidnapping of your loved one in reality. Rather, it wants to point out to you that you should appreciate that there is a person in your life with whom you can share even your deepest emotional feelings. Make yourself aware of this happiness even more often and spend more time with your soul mate, because the hours and days spent together are the most precious. Maybe there is something that is particularly on your soul partner’s heart or is bothering him – talk to him about it, show empathy and support him in processing it emotionally.

The general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol soul partner is considered a sign of an intact relationship and social life. The dreamer maintains many friendships and a few particularly intense relationships with people whom he can actually describe as his soulmate. But he also gets along well with his colleagues in his professional life and, thanks to his calm and peaceful nature, is able to have a balancing effect in conflicts and disputes.
Sometimes the dream symbol soul partner is also interpreted negatively. For example, if in reality there is currently a dispute with your life partner, the dreamed soul mate means that the relationship will also be tense in the future.

The psychological interpretation

According to a psychological interpretation, the dream symbol soul partner means that the dreamer is currently dealing with his or her own personality and feelings. This self-reflection can help clarify important questions that are currently affecting the dreaming person. However, she may need good advice from someone she trusts in order to draw the right conclusions from her mental state.
Likewise, the dream image of a soul partner is an indication that the dreamer has a very high level of intelligence and finds fulfillment primarily in intellectual work. He particularly needs constant intellectual exchange with other people who understand his way of thinking and are critical and constructive conversation partners for him.

The spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual interpretation, dreaming of a soul mate refers to the path you take together with this special person. You should fully commit to your soul mate and trust him in order to go through life with him.

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