Dough – dream interpretation

There are many types of dough. Some are good for baking bread, rolls or pretzels, others for making cookies or cakes. What all dough has in common is that it consists of a mixture of flour and milk or water. Together with other ingredients, such as yeast or fat in the form of butter or margarine or eggs, the dough is kneaded and stirred until a liquid to soft mass is created. Either the slightly viscous pastry mixture is poured into a mold and baked in it, or a firmer dough is formed into any shape before it is baked.

Why did you see the dream symbol “dough” in your dream? What did it want to point out to you? When interpreting your dream, also pay attention to the surrounding circumstances. Because these are also of great importance for an exact interpretation of the dream.

Dream symbol “dough” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the appearance of the dream symbol “dough” during sleep as a sign to the dreamer that now is the time for a successful one Plan came with great profit. Maybe the dreamer has had an idea for a long time that he hasn’t been able to implement yet. Now he finally has the opportunity to make it happen.

With the dream symbol “dough” different dream situations can appear, which the general dream interpretation interprets differently. The sight or preparation of dough in a dream often foretells nice visitors at. If spoiled food is used to prepare the dough in a dream, arguments with friends can occur in the waking world. If the dreamer hesitates when preparing the dough, problems will generally arise with his planned project. Here he should keep calm and act carefully, then these difficulties will pass.

If the dreamer kneads dough himself in the dream, he can go into the waking world Profits and Luck set. His wishes will come true through his own efforts. However, if he watches another person kneading dough in a dream, his own happiness in life or his plans will be very dependent on other people.

According to general dream interpretation, the sight of pie or bread dough in a dream indicates happy times. Cake dough as a dream symbol is interpreted by female dreamers as an indication of an imminent pregnancy. Men should beware of gossip and slander in the waking world in connection with this dream symbol.

Dough for pancakes as a dream image can illustrate the longing for security. A yeast dough for croissants or Danish pastries represents a good life situation with stable health. A dumpling dough in a dream can indicate an advantageous supply situation in the waking world. A dough with raisins often contains one warning from too much carelessness.

Dream symbol “dough” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “dough” points out to the dreamer the multitude of possibilities to shape life. He should realize that he can try out a lot of things without having to commit immediately. He should therefore approach some things more calmly in the waking world. Not every matter requires him to make an immediate decision.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dreamer himself kneading dough in the dream is understood as an indication to the dreamer that he is in his relationship and especially in sexual matters guide takes over to feel safer. In the waking world he should ask himself whether he is not losing something through such behavior. Maybe in the future he should let go and let things take their course. The dreamer could be positively surprised.

Dream symbol “dough” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation of dreams sees the dream symbol “dough” as a symbol of one creative realization of the dreamer.

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