diving – dream interpretation

Diving means completely penetrating a liquid. Normally people dive in water.

In the past, diving was done for food, beads or sponges, but today for us it is primarily a sporting activity. In diving schools you learn everything about the technique, the right equipment as well as dangers and first aid measures in the event of accidents. Apart from a mask or diving goggles, snorkel and fins, diving requires, among other things, a compressed air cylinder, a regulator and a wetsuit.

Deep sea diving involves going down particularly far: a diver can go down 40 meters with normal equipment. If you want to go even deeper, you need special pressure suits. Diving is also associated with certain risks: lung expansion or rupture due to surfacing too quickly, but also small wounds from contact with stones, plants or fish are possible.

We immerse ourselves in a completely different world in which starfish, octopus and Nemo are at home. You can also encounter fish, whales and dolphins here. If you want to dive even deeper, for example as part of scientific underwater research, you can use a submarine.

If you dream of diving, you may have a thirst for adventure. The idea of ​​discovering a world that is normally hidden from the eye certainly has a very special appeal. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol has a lot to do with feelings. The dreamer should pay attention to what sensations he develops in his dream.

Dream symbol “diving” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “diving” represents penetrating emotional depths. The water embodies the emotional world in which the dreamer frolicks and in which he may have lived so far unknown emotions discovered in itself. A lot of positive things can be drawn from the hidden world of the soul in dreams for yourself, but also for your social environment.

If the dream has a creative profession, diving is a dream symbol for it creative wealth. Activities that are primarily aimed at making money are reflected in the concentration and attention that diving requires.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol in this case embodies dedication to the job as well as ingenuity and success. Anyone who sees another person diving in a dream should ask themselves whether they are perhaps jealous of them.

In dream interpretation, diving into a quiet and clear lake means that the dreamer wants to get to the bottom of something in order to come to terms with himself. Cloudy water in connection with the dream symbol “diving” indicates that the matter is a frightening one turn takes.

If the dream sees himself as a diver, this is a sign in dream interpretation that he will be faced with a difficult decision. For those in love, a dream in which people are diving means happiness, love and passion.

Dream symbol “diving” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “diving” can be a symbol of dream interpretation Self-knowledge be. This can also lead to unpleasant insights that the dreamer wants to avoid, which is why he prefers to dive away.

Diving in dreams can also be an expression of the unconscious Angst to be in front of the unknown that often lies dormant within oneself. With the dream symbol, the subconscious asks the dreamer to courageously take the risk of self-knowledge. On the other hand, in dream interpretation, diving can also be an indication of the dreamer’s desire for freedom.

Diving allows dreamers to uncover hidden emotional treasures. What is important in this context is: clothing: Can you see yourself in a wetsuit or in swimming trunks, a swimsuit or a bikini in your dream?

In dream interpretation, the skimpier the clothing, the more intense the contact with one’s own feelings. The dreamer should use this for his social relationships in real life.

Dream symbol “dive” – ​​the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, diving means taking risks. On the spiritual level, the dream symbol indicates that the dreamer is ready on his path to spiritual development certain risks enter into.

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