Debt – dream interpretation

Debt can cause you many sleepless nights, especially if you don’t know how to pay it off. For house builders, however, debt is almost something “normal”. After all, only very few people have so much money that they don’t have to take out money from the bank to build a house.

But even on a smaller scale, debt is nothing nice. Anyone who hasn’t paid their electricity bill for several months knows what happens then: the electricity is turned off and hardly anything in the apartment works as usual. Because you rarely get a loan from the bank if you are already in the red, your only option is to go to the pawn shop or borrow money from relatives or friends. The latter are justified in demanding the sum back at some point.

One reason for dreaming of debt is certainly that you actually have it and are still dealing with it in your dream. But if this is not the case, you quickly wonder what such dream content can mean. What does dream analysis know about this dream image?

Dream symbol “debt” – the general interpretation

The dream image of “debt” is generally viewed primarily as a warning against Falsehood understood by friends. You should look very carefully at your friendships to find out who doesn’t want you well in your waking life. In addition, outstanding debts in dreams can bring business worries and grief in love matters.

Anyone who has outstanding bills in their dream and is worried about it should realize that in reality they are living at the expense of other people. However, if the sleeping person has debts in the dream, he or she is allowed to do so successes happy in the business sector. Sufficient financial resources due to a loan or a loan as a dream image indicate favorable developments in a particular matter.

If you pay your arrears in a dream, according to general dream interpretation you will usually have a worry-filled time ahead. If other people are in need of money while they are sleeping, they can help the dreamer financial losses meet in waking life. If the sleeper is a believer in the dream and writes reminders, he should realize that he is asking too much of others.

Paying outstanding payments in a dream symbolizes losses, which can occur in both the financial and interpersonal areas. If you try to sell your property at auction to pay your debts, this can warn of waste in the waking world.

Dream symbol “debt” – the psychological interpretation

Psychological dream analysis interprets the image of “debt” as a symbol of one Debt, which the dreamer has taken upon himself in the waking world. His dream therefore also prompts him to deal with these feelings of guilt. Because if he doesn’t do this, his mental harmony could be permanently damaged.

Anyone who is seized due to debts in their dream or is even facing bankruptcy should manage their energies better in their waking life. You may be threatened with a total loss of energy because you have overestimated your strength. A promissory note as a dream symbol shows one Obligation of the dreamer on the emotional level.

If the dreamer has financing or a bank loan from a bank in his dream, this can indicate problems with his own self-esteem Clues. The dreamer should strengthen his self-confidence and behave more confidently. If you fall into poverty while you sleep due to excessive indebtedness, you can look forward to successful and happy developments in the waking world.

If the sleeper has debts from using a credit card in his dream and may even have to go to court because of it, he should be rash expenditure guard in waking life. Tax debts as a dream image can indicate a rejection of equal treatment.

Dream symbol “debt” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream analysis, the dream symbol “debt” can be understood as an indication to the dreamer that he is in the process of exercising his spiritual abilities in waking life material burdens to wither away.

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