Day – dream interpretation

Time itself is not visible. However, we feel that time passes because we age, because the seasons change nature and because it alternates between light and dark. People began dividing time into years, months and days early on.

A day has 24 hours and also refers to the phase of darkness as a unit of time. In everyday life, however, we differentiate between the period in which the sun rises and sets again and that of the night. In the daylight everything is bright and clear, but the night holds secrets. Although our daily routine is almost always the same, every day is unique. We refer to individual days of the week with terms such as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday are seen as particularly pleasant days because many people do not have to work or only do little work during this time.

Each week has seven days, a month consists of around four weeks. A year contains 52 or 53 calendar weeks. Whether we feel that a year progressed quickly or slowly depends on our individual feelings and the events that happened that year and influenced us.

The perception of time is different in dreams than in waking life. If a dream action takes place explicitly during the day, the dreamer probably has a very special connection to it. He may have planned to do something that can only be done in sunlight. Or, after a cloudy winter day, he simply longs for long, sun-drenched summer days. The interpretation of the dream depends, among other things, on what time of day the event is associated with.

Dream symbol “day” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, a day can be a more conscious way of dealing with your own precious lifetime admonish. The dream symbol asks the dreamer not to waste it on unessential things. If the dream action takes place in bright sunlight, improvements in the dreamer’s life situation and in relation to his personal environment are announced.

If the day in the dream is cloudy and gloomy, the dream symbol in dream interpretation represents future failures and possible financial losses.

The dream symbol “day” symbolizes a specific one in dream research stage of life of the dreamer. The morning of a day not only points to the dreamer’s childhood memories, but also embodies his energy.

If the dream occurs at midday, this indicates that the dreamer is at the peak of his or her creative power. He has already accomplished a lot and still has enough time to implement further plans. The dream symbol can also be a signal for a necessary break. The evening ushers in twilight. The Contrast In dream interpretation, between day and night represents regular changes and unfinished tasks.

There are seven days that make up a week, so the symbolic content of the number 7 should also be taken into account in the interpretation: this value describes the whole, the perfect. Anyone who experiences a week with seven days in fast forward in a dream is on that Climax He has reached the end of his life and can be satisfied with his success.

Dream symbol “day” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological aspect, the day in the dream can specifically announce that the dream phase is coming to an end and that the dreamer will soon wake up. In a figurative sense, however, the dream symbol has a deeper meaning. The dreamer unconsciously engages with this Run away your own lifetime apart. In his dream, his subconscious shows him that he has to use the day to lead a conscious life.

If the dream symbol “day” appears in obvious contrast to night, this is a sign in dream interpretation that the dreamer is two opposing principles must suffice. Unconsciously he tries to reconcile conflicting character traits, emotions and rationality or external and internal demands.

Dream symbol “day” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, time as a limitation and measurable unit plays no role in dream interpretation. However, the dream symbol “day” together with its counterpart night represents the principle of inseparable opposites.

A dream in which the events take place at midday also points to the positive Energie of the dreamer as well as mental clarity.

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