Dangers – dream interpretation

Life harbors a multitude of dangers every day, which we humans can encounter in very different ways. We also expose ourselves to danger every day, but without thinking about the fact that we are doing it every time. When we get into our car, we usually do so routinely and without fear that we could be involved in an accident at any time. The ever-popular flying is already part of the norm today and only becomes a danger when we consciously deal with what could actually happen up there in the air.

We are also confronted with news every day that shows us that dangers are looming all over the world. Wars, natural disasters such as earthquakes, avalanches and floods, quicksand, raids, disease, to name just a few.

But our body is able to detect danger in a fraction of a second thanks to a variety of biological processes. Due to the interaction and release of hormones and messenger substances, it is quickly under high tension and everything that is not conducive to immediate survival and combat – such as digestion or sex drive – is meanwhile suppressed by the body. Blood flow to the muscles increases, pain sensitivity decreases, blood clots more quickly – all in perfect preparation in case something goes wrong. Flight or fight, seconds decide.

But fortunately today we are rarely confronted with these survival measures in the event of danger. However, for our ancestors, a lack of these reactions would have resulted in certain death when encountering a saber-toothed tiger or a hungry bear.

But how should dreams be interpreted in which one feels exposed to danger? There are several different interpretation approaches here.

Dream symbol “dangers” – the general interpretation

Even if a dream about danger is certainly very unpleasant and may scare the dreamer, the danger you dream about can only be transferred to real life in the rarest of cases.

According to the general view of dream interpretation, encountering dangers in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer may be thinking about a situation that could be threatening to him and therefore appears dangerous. It is possible that in his dream he will see exactly the same scene that he already imagined in his imagination Horror scenario has painted.

The dream can also show the dreamer to think carefully about their future actions and reactions. This is especially true if he gets into difficult or potentially dangerous situations.

If the dreamer feels dangers in the dream experience without being able to recognize or name them exactly, he can take this as an indication not to overestimate himself and to carefully consider his further actions. He shouldn’t be too sure of himself, otherwise everything could turn out to be to his disadvantage.

Dream symbol “dangers” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, experiencing dangers in a dream makes it clear that the dreamer has a lot of dangers in real life Thoughts and Care for about possible difficulties in his everyday life. This can relate to professional or private life circumstances. Dreams of danger can help him to become aware of his thought patterns and to mentally process the threatening thoughts and put them in context with each other.

The dream symbol “danger” can appear in very different forms in dreams. Drowning in the water, being chased by wild animals, escaping a flaming hell… Here, the interpretation of the corresponding dream symbol should be individually included in the dream interpretation in order to take as many aspects of the dream into account as possible.

From a psychological point of view, danger always represents a dream situation for you Conflict on the subconscious level.

Dream symbol “dangers” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream symbol symbolizes “dangers” spiritual insecurity of the dreamer. This insecurity may be due to the fact that he is heading in the wrong direction on the spiritual path.

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