Dandruff – dream interpretation

We can encounter dandruff in three different forms:

On the one hand, the term “shed” can mean a small hut, a garden shed or a poorly built or dilapidated house. On the other hand, we also find scales on a fish, a scaled reptile, such as the iguana, the monitor lizard, a lizard or a snake. Thirdly, our scalp can also develop dandruff, which is usually found to be unpleasant and annoying for those affected.

When interpreting the dream symbol “dandruff”, it is therefore important to consider exactly what type of scale was seen in the dream. Only then can the “correct” meaning of the dream be found. Find out in the following text what the different scales can mean in dreams:

Dream symbol “dandruff” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol calls for “dandruff” in the sense of one hut the dreamer to more satisfaction in the waking world. The dreamer should be modest because he can be very satisfied with what he has achieved so far in life. If the dreamer lives in a shed in the dream, he has to show a lot of patience in waking life. Because it will take some time before there is a favorable change in his life situation.

According to general dream interpretation, several scales in a dream indicate embarrassment for the dreamer. Such dream content can also be a sign of something minor self-esteem because you are not as worry-free as other people.

The sight of a shed as a dream symbol is also understood as an invitation. The dreamer should think about how he can solve his current difficulties in waking life. Because now the time is ripe to finally get this under control.

If you see fish scales as a dream symbol in your dream, you will soon be able to see yourself in the waking world financial gains be happy. Business projects will also develop positively.

dandruff in the dream, however, are interpreted negatively by the general dream interpretation. In this context, the dream symbol brings negative developments for the dreamer. He will have to prepare for some disadvantages in the near future.

Dream symbol “dandruff” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the shed in the dream is interpreted as a shack or a poorly built house. As a result, the dream symbol primarily refers to a bad one inner and external constitution. The dreamer is dissatisfied with himself in all respects and feels pathetic. But he shouldn’t let this get him down in the waking world and should instead develop a positive attitude towards life again.

The scales of a fish in a dream mean for the dreamer according to the psychological interpretation of dreams Increases both in ideal and material things.

If the dreamer sees scales falling off his head in his dream, his subconscious wants to shake him awake. The dreamer should become aware that in the past he has repeatedly offended people who are close to him. He should think carefully about this behavior and react differently in the future.

Dream symbol “dandruff” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “shed” in the sense of a small house. Such a dream therefore refers to a place of spiritual security.

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