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Music and dance are an important and relaxing leisure activity for many people. With this rhythmic movement to the music, you can forget worries and make new acquaintances, because very few people prefer to dance alone. Anyone who wants to be able to do more demanding dances often attends a dance school; the dance teacher then teaches his students the necessary steps.

Whether waltz or salsa, polka, cheerleading, hip-hop or the cha-cha-cha, there are many dance variations. No matter whether we twist, tap, beat or hop – dancing has long played a special role in human history and not just as a pastime. In some cultures, ritual dances are part of the customs.

You can find out which dream dancer you are by researching your dance dream in detail.

Before we look at the general interpretation of the dream symbol, let’s look at the most common dreams about dancing. Some situations appear in dreams more often than average, which makes them all the more significant. Is your dream included?

Dream symbol “dancing” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Seeing a dancing girl in a dream

In general dream interpretation, very young women represent a newly budding love. Seeing a girl dancing in a dream shows that the person concerned feels comfortable in their own skin. He enjoys the resulting sexuality and likes to live it out in reality. Characteristics such as caring, cheerfulness and a warm charisma are probably attributed to the sleeper in real life.

Who you dance with in a dream

Float through the dream world as a couple

If you dream of dancing through the dream events with your actual partner, this reflects a happy relationship in waking life. The fact that you perceive yourself as a dancing couple in your sleep confirms true love, loyalty and deep feelings in reality. A sexual message can be hidden in an erotic dance like tango. Whoever leads the dream dance is also the real decision-maker in the partnership.

The strange man as a dancer – what the dream image reveals

Strangers in dreams usually reflect certain personality traits of the dreamer. These traits are hidden in reality. Either because the sleeper rejects them or because they are still undiscovered. The fact that an unknown dancing man appears in the sleeping experience is to be understood as an invitation to the person affected. Accepting the new characteristics in reality can sometimes be liberating.

The father as a dance partner in the dream experience

Swishing with one’s father in one’s sleep can provide a direction for one’s real life path. New ideas and a thirst for action flood the dreamer while he is awake. In reality, if a condition becomes difficult, the person affected always has someone there to support them. This strong person is symbolized in the dream by the head of the family. Dancing with your father in a dream symbolizes constant progress in reality.

Why we dance with our ex in dreams

It is often a symbol of letting go when the former friend becomes a dance partner during the sleeping experience. According to general dream interpretation, the former partner illustrates a connection to the past. It may have been impossible for the person concerned to come to terms with a romantic relationship or the bad feelings that come with it. Dancing with the ex-boyfriend in the dream world shows that the dreamer can now free himself from the real baggage.

Spinning across the dance floor with a star – how exciting!

The dreamer may have become too attached to an idea while awake if famous people appear in the sleeping experience. If you dream of dancing with a star, it is an indication that the person concerned will soon be able to free themselves from the overly possessive ideas in the waking world. This frees his eyes for fresh thoughts and other beautiful things in life.

Danse Macabre: Dreaming about dancing with a corpse

The dream image “dancing with a dead person” is usually a good sign for real life. A strenuous phase of life comes to an end when we dance with the deceased in a dream. The dreamer frees himself from a burden while awake and looks positively into the future. The support he desires while awake is now symbolically received from the dead while he sleeps. What you dreamed helps you leave behind a feeling of desolation.

Perfect places for the dream dance

Dancing on stage in a dream, wow!

If you become the center of attention in an elevated position while you sleep, this is an indication of a success story in your waking life. The dreamer will probably soon be able to achieve his professional or private goals. Dancing on stage in the dream world as a professional dancer confirms to the sleeper that his positive attitude and honest nature will make him far in reality.

Glide elegantly through the dream world in a waltz step

If you float gently across the dance floor with your partner, the waltz is a positive dream image. The balanced and perfect dance style while sleeping is a sign that the dreamer has arrived in his life. He is confident in his abilities and unexpected events do not throw him off track. If it is a bumpy affair to dance the waltz in a dream, this expresses self-doubt in reality.

Dancing through the dream world at a wedding

If you find yourself on the dance floor at a wedding during the night, that’s a rather bad sign. The sleeper may experience sorrowful times in reality. Anyone who is asked to dance with someone at a wedding in a dream should better comply with a certain situation in reality. Excessive resistance while awake for this one thing is exhausting but not very effective.

If you experience your own wedding in your sleep and present the wedding dance to your guests, in this symbol man and woman unite in a ritual way. This means that you take part in the life and nature of your real partner and even absorb them. Together we form a new unit. Anyone who is single and recognizes this dance in a dream longs for this very union, perfect love.

Splash! When the dreamer dances in the lake

Presumably, the person who dreams of dancing in the water has achieved inner peace while awake. The lake symbolizes this balance. The sleeper has found his place in real life and feels satisfied. The fact that he dances through the cool water in the sleeping world is a confirmation of his cheerfulness when he is awake and that his feelings are in harmony. The affected person’s actual relationships with their fellow human beings are warm-hearted.

Dream symbol “dancing” – the general interpretation

When we shake a leg in a dream and “dance really fast”, this experience always symbolizes something liberation. If the dreamer dances in his sleep, this suggests inner harmony, cheerfulness and lived out feelings. A controlled ballet dance, on the other hand, warns against too much love of freedom – and thus against carelessness.

In some dances, such as tango, one can also be used sexual Components resonate. Another clue is the way we dance together, because the person who leads the couple’s dance will also set the tone in the relationship.

If you find yourself in a dream setting at a festival or birthday party and dance with other guests, this represents you Fun in life and to people. The sleeper probably loves to experience something with his dearest friends.

If you see yourself dancing alone in a dream and, for example, rocking out at the disco, this indicates a desire for more attention from a certain person Longing after a partnership. If a man dreams that he is dancing alone, there is a need for sexual adventures. If the dreamer dances completely forgetful of himself, then happiness in love may await him, but this could only be short-lived.

If the dreamer is led to dance in his sleep, this suggests that he has to submit to a certain situation. If the dance takes place at a wedding, then this is more of a negative dream image. In this case there is a threat Sorrow and Care for. If you are rotated several times during the dance, you are self-confident and open to new things. At the same time, the filmed person manages to show and live out his feelings without shame. However, anyone who gets dizzy and perhaps even falls on the dance floor is hopelessly overwhelmed by their current life situation.

Anyone who dances across a rope as a tightrope walker in their dream should become aware that their mental balance is in danger in their waking life. Dancing around a maypole in your sleep can encourage you to come to terms with your own creativity.

Dream symbol “dancing” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets dancing in a dream as the whirlwind of life. In this vortex are passion, desire, deep feelings and sexuality. It can be a proverbial “Dance on the volcano” be who appears in sleep and the Stress can symbolize in everyday life.

Another dream image is the big ball, which is often a reference to the sexual desires is. If the dream dance takes place in the fog or in the dark, then dream research interprets this as a sign of insecure feelings. If a harpsichord plays on a ball from the 16th or 17th century, it is a dream symbol that encourages you to discover your own feminine side – even as a man.

Women especially dream of dancing. This dream image usually points to one Self-realization of the dreaming, which presents itself in the dance. If you dance with your partner in a dream, the type of dance reflects the role behavior in the waking world. Whoever leads in the dream world will also do so in waking life. The other partner then not only adapts in the dream dance.

Dream symbol “dance” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, dancing in your sleep is seen as rhythm of the life interpreted.

Also the Transformation of space in time is symbolized by dancing. Through dance, liberation from earthly limitations should be achieved.

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