Damage – dream interpretation

Damage can be of very different types. For example, we may have damage to our car or our house. In such cases, one can only hope that insurance will cover the associated costs. If we lose a lot of money through incorrect advice or investment, we are often left with the loss ourselves.

Damage - dream interpretation

But sometimes we are lucky and do not suffer damage in reality, but only on the level of our dreams. After waking up, we are often relieved to realize that it was just a dream and that everything is fine in reality.

Nevertheless, such dream situations always have a high level of significance. The exact meaning also depends in part on the specific type of damage. But how exactly do you interpret the dream symbol?

Dream symbol “damage” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, anyone who dreams of having damage should prepare for upcoming problems and difficulties. Those affected could soon bad news expect. He may also face a serious one himself photo

to commit. In the near future, you should try to reflect carefully on the experiences and experiences you have already had and, against this background, act more wisely and with more foresight.

Further meanings of the symbol “damage” arise from the connections in the dream. For example, water damage or other weather-related damage to your home can occur before it happens Loss of control to warn. Certain emotions threaten to boil over. The person affected no longer has the situation under control.

Damage to a car, bicycle or motorcycle, on the other hand, symbolizes one standstill. In this case, the dreamer is currently unable to develop further. A change is needed in everyday life. In addition, dreamed money damage is to be understood in the opposite way in the general interpretation of dreams: you can expect it soon Profits as well as hope for success in professional life.

Of course, it can occasionally happen in a dream that you don’t actually suffer damage yourself, but rather cause it. The symbol then refers to setbacks and failures, most of which are self-inflicted. So you have to take responsibility for this and not blame others.

Dream symbol “damage” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, damage in the dream can occur to the person Loss important energies stand. The person affected is at a point in life where they have to work through mistakes from the past as well as stressful or disappointing experiences. Only in this way can he define new goals and develop motivation to achieve them.

Dream symbol “damage” – the spiritual interpretation

According to a spiritual view, the dream symbol “damage” symbolizes the need to challenges to accept. Rather, the person affected must see these as opportunities and therefore learn to use them for themselves, especially for their personal development.

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