Crossing – dream interpretation

Movement often plays an important role in our dreams. As a dream image, they appear in a variety of forms: Sometimes we dream of walking, running, perhaps even flying or getting around in a car, ferry, boat or other means of transport.

It often happens that we come across obstacles. These can also be of various types. However, relatively often these are bodies of water that have to be crossed. Such situations always have a high level of significance. For this reason, it is important to take the crossing seriously as a dream symbol. But what exactly can a crossing mean in a dream?

Dream symbol “crossing” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, a crossing that is necessary in a dream can in principle Driven show. The symbol warns of something threatening that the person concerned has not yet recognized in everyday life. He should sharpen his perspective and in this way minimize risks.

In addition, a crossing in a dream always represents Obstaclesthat need to be overcome in everyday life. In certain matters, some developments make life difficult for the dreamer and hinder his free development. You have to accept the challenge and ultimately you will be able to grow from it. This particularly applies to the emotional, mental level.

If a very large body of water is crossed in a dream, this can also mean new things that have never existed before opportunities stand. This means that completely new opportunities will arise that those affected should definitely use for their own purposes.

Dream symbol “crossing” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, a dreamed crossing announces itself Changes in your own life. Depending on how large the body of water to be crossed is in the dream, the significance of the change is defined.

For example, if one of the banks is no longer visible during the crossing, everyday life will have to be completely redesigned. All rituals, habits and ways of life will be reconsidered and replaced by others. According to psychoanalysts, this is accompanied by a restructuring of previous moral concepts and inner attitudes. The dreamer will orient himself towards other values ​​in the future.

A dream in which the person concerned steers the boat himself during the crossing can also be personal Efforts stand. You will put a lot of effort into a certain thing. If you get to the other bank safely, the effort will be worth it.

However, if complications arise, the dreamer may have already subconsciously recognized that his efforts could be in vain.

Dream symbol “crossing” – the spiritual interpretation

A crossing often heralds changes in spiritual dream interpretation. However, crossing to another shore is also a symbol of death in mythology. In this context, the dreamed crossing can sometimes be that Die of one’s own spiritual consciousness.

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