cross – dream interpretation

We can cross many things – a road, a bridge on pillars or a suspension bridge, a large meadow or a river. Death can also be interpreted as a crossing. Because here we cross the threshold to the afterlife.

What does it mean when we see the dream symbol “crossing over”? What does such a dream mean to us? When interpreting your dream, don’t just include the dream symbol itself.

Take your time to think about your dream again and pay attention to all the details. Because these are just as important for a detailed dream interpretation as the dream symbol itself. For example, if you used a zebra crossing or a traffic light in a dream to cross the street, you should also look for these symbols. The same applies to the bridge, the footbridge or simply the path.

Dream symbol “cross” – the general interpretation

Within general dream interpretation, crossing a street is one of the most common dream situations. If the dreamer sees himself crossing a street in his sleep, this should first and foremost make him aware that he is impending dangerscan recognize fear or insecurity very well.

Crossing a street intersection or junction in a dream, on the other hand, shows him that he has to make a decision on an important matter in the waking world. He has been putting this off a bit so far. Now is the time to create facts.

If the dreamer crosses a street with many people in the dream, the general dream interpretation interprets this as an indication that the dreamer is not going with the flow in the waking world. He doesn’t just conform to the masses, but rather values ​​his own individuality. He is also aware of his talents and abilities and can therefore appear and act with confidence.

On the other hand, crossing a deserted street can show the dreamer a certain inner insecurity. He feels left alone to make his decisions and is not really convinced that he is acting alone. Deep down, he would rather conform to other people.

Crossing a busy street or slipping between cars in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer is also in… difficult situations I prefer to meander through the waking world without causing any offense. He wants to please everyone.

If the dreamer waits at a red light to cross a street, he generally has enough in the waking world too patienceto wait for the right opportunity in life.

However, if the dream crosses a red light without waiting, this is interpreted as a sign of his impatience. This can put him in dangerous situations in both his private and business life. The dream symbol therefore challenges him in this context in the future more considered action to demonstrate.

Anyone who crosses a river or sea with a dream ferry is warned of disaster. The dreamer should keep his eyes open in the near future and not take any unnecessary risks. If you run over a dam in a dream and cross a valley, this can indicate anger and worries.

A collapsing bridge that one tried to cross in the dream world warns of one Streak of bad luck. If you want to prevent this, you should avoid taking risks in the near future.

Dream symbol “crossing” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “crossing” can indicate that the dreamer encounters something in waking life that he cannot control. This can be a specific situation as well as a person.

Crossing a field in a dream symbolizes a wrong feeling of security. But it can also mean that the dreamer should communicate his emotional state to other people.

Dream symbol “cross” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual side of dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “crossing” as a reference to important things spiritual renewals. Perhaps you are shedding a former belief and turning to new spiritual sides.

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Cross – dream interpretation

We recognize a cross as a graphic symbol that consists of two lines crossing each other at right angles. There are different types, such as the well-known cross sign of the German Red Cross, in which all lines have the same length, in contrast to the religious cross symbol that is widespread worldwide.

In Christianity, the cross symbolizes on the one hand the relationship to God, i.e. the divine or heavenly, and on the other hand the connection between people, the earthly. Crosses can often be found in cemeteries, graves or in the sacristy. For their first communion, children often receive a small cross or a rosary. Organizations like the violent Ku Klux Klan use a burning cross to symbolize their racist beliefs. A cross symbol also appears in everyday things such as the crossword puzzle.

The sign of the cross was introduced as early as the 5th century AD and for Christians it symbolizes the death of Jesus on the cross, but it is also a symbol of peace and redemption.

Dream symbol “cross” – the general interpretation

As different as the different shapes of the cross are, the way in which the dream symbol “cross” is interpreted is also diverse. On the one hand, this dream image represents the role of victim or suffering experienced, but on the other hand, it also promises redemption in the sense of change and Transformation.

If the dreamer sees himself carrying a cross in his dream, this is a sign of sad events or experiences that need to be overcome. The interpretation looks similar if the person affected hangs on the cross in the dream, like Jesus himself once did. Here the cross reminds us to do so patience, to not give up in times of sorrow and pain, even if it sometimes seems unbearable. If you encounter the cross in a dream as a symbol on a church or on the side of the road, you should be of good courage and tackle your problems. Then things can develop in a positive direction.

However, the dreamer should ask himself whether he might have a tendency to behave towards others “to crawl to the cross”, even if he kneels before one in his dream. Being humble is certainly a good trait, but you should have your own Wert recognize and calmly express your opinion instead of always being the one who gives in.

If the cross is decorated with beautiful flowers in the dream experience, the dreamer can look forward to a happy one Fa­milienleben be happy.

If, on the other hand, the dream image “cross” appears as a symbol on a playing card, it is about topics such as power and clearly determined actions. This does not have to refer to the dreamer himself, but can also apply to a person in his environment. Here, individual dream experience can be helpful for precise interpretation.

Dream symbol “cross” – the psychological interpretation

For the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “cross” represents a primal symbol. This can reflect the dreamer’s current life situation, which may be conflict-ridden and problematic for him. If he experiences himself kneeling in front of a cross in a dream praying, he can expect helpful things Support hope in his difficult phase of life.

As can already be read in general dream interpretation, the aspect of victimhood also plays an important role in psychological interpretation.

Seeing yourself crucified or even carrying the cross makes it clear that you sometimes face difficult phases in life. However, if you try to accept what is currently showing up, you can mature and develop in your personality through the experiences you have weiterent­wickeln. Here the subconscious shows the dreamer, so to speak, with the cross what is charged to him, that he should not lose courage and believe in his own strength.

The sight of a cross in a morgue in a dream can prompt you to come to terms with your own personality in the waking world.

The playing suit “Clubs” in a deck of cards often brings with it effort and difficulty in waking life. But it can also indicate the dreamer’s alert mind.

Dream symbol “cross” – the spiritual interpretation

As a dream symbol, the cross symbolizes on a spiritual level Circulation of the eternal becoming and passing away of life in the world. This cycle is represented by the four cardinal directions – childhood, youth, adulthood and old age.

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