Cowslip – dream interpretation

The cowslip belongs to the primrose genus and blooms very early in the year, in March, April and, more rarely, in May. The flowers of this protected flower are bright yellow and sit in umbels on a long, hairy flower stalk. This gives the flower a similarity to a key chain and is probably the reason for its name.

In popular belief, the cowslip is the plant of elves and mermaids. It is considered a protective and fertility agent and is used in medicine against coughs and nervousness.

Cowslip - dream interpretation

A cowslip in a dream may appeal to the dreamer’s aesthetic sensibilities. He may wish to grow this plant in his own garden and utilize its healing powers.

When interpreting dreams, different aspects of this plant must be taken into account.

Dream symbol “cowslip” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, flowers represent the blossoming of beauty and sexuality. The dream symbol “cowslip” is a symbol of the Longing for love of the dreamer. The dream warns him to wait patiently, because the dream image announces the fulfillment of longing and happiness in love.

What happens to the cowslip is informative for dream interpretation. If the dreamer gives it away, he has to come to terms with the fact that his feelings will not be reciprocated.

If he receives the flower as a gift himself, the dream symbol draws his attention to the fact that he is loved by someone. In addition, the dream can be carefree Parties to announce. For gamers, the cowslip promises winnings in a game or lottery.

As a medicinal plant, the cowslip can also be a dream symbol for recovery. The dream cheers up the dreamer because his recovery is making progress.

As an early bloomer, the primrose is a symbol of spring. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is a reference to one New beginning. The dreamer currently has a lot of enthusiasm and energy. The yellow flowers of the cowslip also represent rapid growth, bright life and intellectual activity.

On the other hand, according to dream interpretation, yellow is the color of negative feelings such as envy or jealousy. Perhaps the dreamer still lacks the maturity to see life more calmly. As a wild flower, the dream symbol is also an expression of natural and simple beauty. Buds or flowers indicate the blossoming of new ideas or a new relationship.

Dream symbol “cowslip” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the cowslip is a symbol of purity and youth. The wedding symbol announces spring and with it new awakenings vitality and sexual activity. The flower is a symbol of femininity and sexual needs.

The bees’ crawling into their flowers embodies the sexual act. In dream interpretation, a cowslip in a dream can be a sign of neglect sex life be. The subconscious uses the dream symbol to draw attention to the fact that the dreamer’s instinctual desires and emotions are suppressed and not given enough attention.

According to the dream interpretation, the opening buds also represent the personal Development process and the development of character traits.

From a psychological point of view, the color of the flowers symbolizes the emotional and spiritual energy of the dreamer, because yellow stands for sunlight and the abundance of life.

Dream symbol “cowslip” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the cowslip is an expression of Love and compassion.

According to dream interpretation, the dream symbol also indicates changes as well as the creativity of the dreamer. The dream gives him new energy and enthusiasm to set out on new spiritual paths.

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